A MC’s First AGM

Just like establishing a JMB, you would first need to convene an

A JMB’s First AGM

So how to establish a JMB? The first thing to do is

Who Is Elligible To Be A Committee Member Of A JMB...

So what is a committee member? It is a committee under the

JMB vs. MC vs. Sub-MC

From time-to-time, if we were to live in Malaysia we will hear

Brand New JaGaApp Interface (Version 4.0.1)

Dear JaGaApp Users, Thank you for your unwavering support, we are proud

A Quick Announcement : Our Official Name Change

Dear Valued Customers, We have rebranded our product name from ‘Graaab’ to

JaGaApp Was Featured On The News!

Dear Graaab JaGaApp Users, A “Post Office” right at your Community! Yes,

200 Sites | 200 Stories #23

“The JaGaApp team are really friendly and high potential individuals. It was

Brand New Layout & More New Partners

Dear Graaab JaGaApp Users, Introducing our brand new MyServices layout which will

Happy 61st Merdeka Day

Dear Graaab JaGaApp Users, Together, let’s celebrate Happy 61st Merdeka Day for

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