As the Extended MCO rules begin to ease in light of the improving COVID-19 situation in Malaysia, we’re seeing more businesses reopening their physical stores day by day. However, it’s still important to be cautious and practise precautionary measures as we step into the “new norm”. 

Hence, we’ve rounded up 4 simple ways businesses owners can prepare for the reopening of their stores during COVID-19 in the safest way possible, and the top 4 sanitising essentials needed for it.

1. Double-check if your business nature is allowed to operate. 

In preparation for the reopening of your business, first thing’s first: double-check if your business is actually allowed to operate in the first place! 

During the MCO, we’ve witnessed the power of making a message go viral via WhatsApp with a single click of a ‘forward’ button. It’s important to remember that unless the contents of these messages are from credible sources, they could only be rumours. 

One of the best ways to go about this include going through the actual list approved by the government via the National Security Council (NSC) website. Other alternatives also include checking information from the Official Portal of Ministry of Health website or contacting them via Telegram. Otherwise, simply browse through credible news sites!

2. Sanitise your office and store premises 

Whether it’s your office or storefront, give the entire place a massive wipedown before anyone sets foot into it. Of course, to completely banish any trace of the virus, you would need a strong bleach solution or appropriate disinfectant with an indication of effectiveness against COVID-19. 

Don’t forget to wipe commonly touched areas including doorknobs, switches, tables and chairs as these surfaces could potentially be contaminated. And remember to also keep yourself protected as you do this with gloves and masks! 

But it’s time-consuming. A major cleaning operation as such with a limited number of people involved to practice social distancing would typically take two hours or more. For those in search for a quicker solution without compromising the quality of the results can opt for fogging instead. 

Khingdom Antivirus Fogging is equipped with a unique technology that can instantly disinfect 99.99% viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi within seconds when activated on all surfaces. It is able to disinfect more than 100 metres in just a few minutes, making it suitable for cleaning large premises and hard to reach areas!  

The formula utilised for the fogging contains zero alcohol, zero chemicals and zero fragrance. It is tested by certified laboratories against various pathogens. The fog contains food-grade and child-friendly formula, making it safe in the event it is ingested, even by babies. As the formula is non-sticky and non-irritant, no rinsing is required even after the fogging operation is completed. 

This makes it perfect for business owners as it is a quick solution which requires zero manual labour from their end! 

To view the certifications and place an order for Khingdom Antivirus Fogging, click here

3. Ensure all your employees are fit for duty. 

After cleansing your office or storefront, the next crucial step is to make sure all your employees that will be reporting for work are free of COVID-19. Apart from getting them to declare if they are feeling unwell, another step is to screen and record down their temperatures before entering premises, as well as to ensure they are wearing FDA-approved face masks. 

Screening for temperatures can take quite a long process which ends up in long queues. Hence business owners are encouraged to use contact-less infrared thermometers that are reliable and efficient to speed up the process in the safest way possible. When searching for an infrared thermometer, there are several features you would need to look for to ensure your device doesn’t breakdown when screening large amounts of people! 

To save time on going through the checklist of features, we have shortlisted a licensed supplier with ready stocks of a top-rated infrared thermometer that can suit all your business needs. 

The Yue Qi medical contact-less infrared thermometer is a CE-certified device that displays body temperature within only one second. The results are shown in the Celcius unit and have a precision of +/- 0.2 degrees. The device has an interesting feature which alerts the user when temperatures recorded are above a certain number. 

The backlight will turn green for temperatures above 37.5 degrees Celcius, while readings above that will turn the backlight to orange and set off an alarm. The measuring range sits between 32 to 42.9 degrees Celcius. The device runs on two AAA batteries and has a battery saving function which automatically switches off after 15 seconds of being idle! 

To purchase Yue Qi infrared thermometer, click here

While it’s important that all employees are wearing face masks at all times, it’s also crucial to ensure they are well-equipped with the right kind of surgical masks that can prevent the contraction of COVID-19.

The best solution would include standardising all face masks worn by staffs, which can be achieved by providing them with a new set each day. This also helps to prevent employees from reusing the masks. 

To ease your burden of searching for the most affordable rate, we’ve selected a local supplier that has a ready stock of face masks that can be purchased at a much cheaper rate when buying in bulk.

To reserve your set of face masks, click here. 

4. Prepare sanitisers for visitors, clients and employees. 

The last step before opening your doors for business is to ensure your office or shopfront has a ready set of hand sanitisers for all visitors, clients and employees moving in and out of the premises. Purchasing hand sanitisers in bulk can be costly for business owners and hard to source, especially at this time where the demand for it is high. Thankfully, the Pro-Lite sanitiser tablets offer a cost-saving alternative to traditional hand sanitisers. 

This WHO A1-grade sanitiser solution comes in the form of a tablet. The use, simply dissolve in one litre of water to achieve 100ppm of a two-in-one disinfectant and sanitiser liquid within 3 minutes. This is enough to effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

This means, for every one litre of water plus a tablet, you get to generate one litre of sanitising liquid, which is equivalent to two bottles of commercially available sanitizers in the market. It disinfects via an oxidation method instead of alcohol, making it a safe and cost-effective solution for all. Not only are the tablets light and easy for transporting around, it is also child-friendly and Halal-certified. 

The solution contains Chlorine Dioxide, which is known to be a safe and powerful disinfectant of water. It poses no harm to the human body, animals and environment, and has been widely used in food industries, pharmaceutical industries, medical institutions, culture-based fisheries, and general environment. 

Click here to purchase a box of tablets equivalent to 10 litres of hand sanitisers at a cheaper price.

Now that it’s all done, you’re ready to get back into business! 

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