Dear Graaab JaGaApp Users,

We are thrilled to announce our highly anticipated Graaab JaGaApp’s newest feature, JaGa Locationa GPS based emergency assist button that enhances the safety of your family and friends, and of course you!

While JaGa Home assists you with emergencies at home, JaGa Location provides assistance wherever you may be. If you are having an emergency at your current location, JaGa Location is able to immediately alert your family and other emergency contacts via SMS. JaGa Location also shows your most recent GPS location and provides direction via Waze with the new added “Drive Me There” button.

Find out more:

We are constantly working on newer and more innovative ways to bring you the features you and your neighbourhood can have, so you can keep your home and family, close and safe always with Graaab JaGaApp!

Together lets Graaab.. the better life!

Graaab JaGaTeam

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