Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah. Some of you may know me from the JaGaApp and HeyJaGa newsletter emails that land in your inboxes. 

I was inspired by our recent feature in Vulcan Post which motivated me to use this space to share more about our stories.



While I would love to continue sending updates on all our latest app upgrades and promotions via email, I will be using this space as a journal to recount stories on what goes on behind the scenes in JaGaApp. 

You can look forward to real stories on what’s it like to work in a company like JaGaApp, the effort that we’ve put into the products we have developed thus far that have brought us to where we are today, and more. 

The first story I’ll be publishing in the next coming days will be about JaGaApp 2.0 — the inspiration, struggles, and hard work that goes behind the massive revamp of our flagship product. 


Stay tuned for more! 

Talk soon,

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