You had me at hello 👋

*Sips on coffee* ☕ Hello, I’m David. Co-founder of JaGaApp. You might be wondering why are you receiving this newsletter. Before you do anything, do hear me out. Stick with me for a sec 😚

The pandemic has taught us the importance of staying connected and I plan to do just that through this newsletter which we aim to release frequently. I trust that through this method of communication, you may find relevant information, know our story, our challenges and successes, what we are working on and the initiatives we are bringing to you; and hopefully through this journey, you will get to know us better.

JaGaApp was built with the intention of creating The Better Life by empowering neighbourhoods. We believe The Better Life can be attained by enhancing Security, Communication and Convenience within our neighbourhoods.

Whether you have previously signed up or you have been a loyal JaGaApp users, do stay with us. We would also want to hear from you if you have any suggestion or contents that you want us to talk about. In this week newsletter, we will share the story behind our G logo!! 😲*inserts suspense music*

You had me at Hello and that’s how our relationship began ❤️. I hope I had you at “Hello” as well and let’s join us on our journey to the future of better community living.

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  • We have over 450 neighbourhoods today on JaGaApp! We bet you guys didn’t know we are in Indonesia too?! Woah what a huge milestone 🤯
  • The Great Migration to our JaGaApp 2.0 🚀 is coming hot straight to your neighbourhood! With new features like JaGaID, visitors can now check-in lightning fast with just a QR Code. Say bye-bye to the old-school driving license way of registration and many more features! Ps: We will be migrating our existing users in stages so stay tuned for your turn! 😉
  • Fun fact: We have over 1,000,000 of visitors registered through JaGaApp EVERY month! 👏🏻


The Story of G Logo 😲

We came out with this G logo back in 2015, It was designed by our Associate Director of Creative, Wai Hong *cues for claps*.

Many would see it as a G that looks like a house. You’re right! Remember, our goal is to create a Better Community Living by empowering neighbourhood – So it’s a house with a hand grab design (some say it looks like a lock / door handle, i guess it works for us too!).

Why a hand grab design? For those loyalists, you would recall that JaGaApp was initially called Graaab. We want to empower everyone to be able to Graaab the better life. Whether it’s better security, better communication, or the convenience of buying / grabbing everything you need from the comfort of your house.

Despite spending quite a substantial sum of money 💸😭 we successfully trademarking the name Graaab, we rebranded to JaGaApp later on after MyTeksi decided to rebrand to Grab.

I guess we had no choice as when we went for presentations, often there was a cute misunderstanding as to why a taxi company was presenting to a neighbourhood committee 😂

Do you know why we choose JaGaApp and the story behind? I’ll cover that in our next week newsletter. Stay tuned 😉!


Book services that come to YOU 🛠️

If you are a busy bug (or rather lazy 🤣) like me, who always needs some help and no time to do any research? Head on to HeyJaGa.com (our sister brand), with over 50 trusted sifus 🛠️ (a.k.a service providers), we are always ready at your service, just a doorstep away!

  1. STEP 1: Search
  2. STEP 2: Select Date & Time
  3. STEP 3: And Book! (Duh, things cant get simpler than this)

and the best part – they come straight to you! 🤩

Our Top 5 All-Time-Fav Services:

  1. Air Cond Cleaning
  2. Plumber
  3. Electrician & Wiring
  4. Cleaner
  5. Locksmith

Use code NEWUSER5 for get 5% off your first booking! Book now and spread the love ❤️


We will be extremely grateful if you could refer to your family and friends about this newsletter! Of course, we will reward you with our exclusive no-money-can-buy JaGa merch like mask keepers, canvas bags and more! Hit the share button now and help us grow 🥰


We want YOU to choose the logo for our little secret corner here!

Tell us your favourite and the most voted choice will be our official JaGaCorner logo!

While you are at it, redeem 20% off ZUS Coffee voucher from us!


Here is another treat for you! We work closely with interesting partners to make community living better, and more convenience! If you need to buy anything, join Shopee 4.4 sales for better discount!

And before you go, let us know if you enjoyed reading our newsletter.

We would love to hear from YOU on what you want to read or us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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