Meet Tofupok! 👾

Greetings everyone! Today, we’re going to share a little about JaGaApp’s siblings with you.

Yes, you didn’t get it wrong – JaGaApp does have siblings 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Well, at least you can think of it this way – JaGaApp is and has always been the big brother of the JaGaSolution family, while JaGaCountJaGaRonda, and JaGaCard (and another one upcoming, JaGaWorks) are the younger brothers.

Did you know JaGaApp also has a butler bot called HeyJaGa? Meet Tofupok, HeyJaGa’s mascot!

heyjaga tofupok


HeyJaGa & Tofupok

Waaait, how did you guys came out with Tofupok?!

HeyJaGa section within JaGaApp
HeyJaGa section within JaGaApp 2.0

It started with the app design of HeyJaGa section within JaGaApp. One day, a team member just casually called them tofupoks while we were working on the HeyJaGa section. In short, that’s how we got inspired by it and gave HeyJaGa’s mascot the name Tofupok. Don’t you think that they look like tofupoks too? 🥳

In desperate situations where your home pipes or toilet decide to break down during inappropriate times (they always tend to), that’s when HeyJaGa comes in handy to help you with your troubled day. 

Realizing that not everyone has the connections or contacts to reliable service vendors, HeyJaGa was created for residents so that they don’t have to be clueless about finding reliable home services whenever they need them.

heyjaga tofupok

HeyJaGa was built internally from ground zero and being a booking platform connecting users and vendors is only one of our milestones so far. In time to come, more features will be available on the platform, such as: payment, booking reminders, community marketplace, and more!

💡 Bonus: Watch this comic strip on our Facebook to quickly understand how HeyJaGa has made a guy named Rajiboy’s life so much easier!

Book Services That Come To You 🛠️

One of the many unique aspects of HeyJaGa is that services on the platform are not limited to only home services. There are plenty of different services that you can book on HeyJaGa, where the vendors will come to your doorstep (or online) to deliver their services. 

Have a quick look at some popular services of HeyJaGa below:

Don’t break a sweat when your aircon needs servicing – just use HeyJaGa!
Plumbing Service
Settle your leaky problems with our experienced vendors.
Car Seat Cleaning
Professional car seat cleaning at your services with just a few clicks!
Personal Training
Get fit with our certified trainers through online fitness classes!
Beauty Services
If you can enjoy self-pamper and self-love at home, why not?
Manicure Services
Salon-perfect manicure at the comfort of your home 🥰

There are also many, many other services categories that you can book from HeyJaGa, and probably unavailable on other platforms. Computer repairs, locksmith, pest control, renovation contractor, language classes… the list goes on. After all, we are here to provide handy solutions and services to you whenever you need them 😉

What’s more, you can always recommend vendors to HeyJaGa if a particular service isn’t covered in the platform. Don’t worry, all vendors will go through a screening process to ensure their service quality is up to par before being listed on HeyJaGa.

Have someone in mind already? Recommend them below!

Simple As ☝🏻✌🏻👌🏻

To be honest, we wondered for a second whether we should even come out with this section since booking services on HeyJaGa is super simple 😛 

In 3 simple steps, you will get competent and reliable sifus to help you with your troubled day:

STEP 1: Search for services you need from your JaGaApp or heyjaga.com
STEP 2: Select Date & Time
STEP 3: And Book!

Raise your hands if you have already used HeyJaGa before! 🙌🏻

Ending Note

We believe you got pretty much covered in knowing all about HeyJaGa. For those who would like to give it a try, here’s something to get you started:

Use code NEWUSER5 to get 5% OFF your first booking

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue and let us know at the end of this email if you would like to know more about JaGaApp’s other siblings in the upcoming issues 😊


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