A Year In Review: 2021 JaGaApp Edition

What’s up fellow readers!

We received higher than average responses for the last JaGaCorner where we talked about appreciating the security guards within your neighbourhood.

Special thanks to those that wrote in and shared their thoughts with us!

Thanks for the bulletin update and the nice gesture to include our unsung heroes and indeed they are – May

Thanks for keeping this community service active. Well done and great work to all! – S.G. Oh

Very good thought and gesture to all our security guards!!! I appreciate our JaGa team who took the initiative for this action. Security guards are persons with names and family and earn their living doing honest work to feed their children, spouse, and parents. They have feelings too and we should all look into making their lives and work enjoyable and pleasant.

Thanks a lot for all your kindness and thoughtfulness. – C.A. Khoo

For today, let’s look into JaGaApp’s Year in Review for 2021, for all the sweet 🤩 and sour 🥵 moments that we’ve been through and created together.


Community Efforts

2021 is a tough year, and many of us feel that in some ways it is even tougher than the year before.

However, it doesn’t hinder us from continuously building safe and desirable neighbourhoods, just like what we wanted when we first started JaGaApp.

Many of our users – including residents, building managers, and committees, expressed their opinions to us that having JaGaApp in their neighbourhood was incredibly important, now more than ever as we have to co-exist with the coronavirus.

Especially during MCO, having a proper system in place helped the building managers to make announcements easily, and residents were constantly informed of the happenings and updates directly from their JaGaApp. 

We are sooo proud and thankful for all the recognition given by you guys! 🏅❤️

With the reopening of economy and social activities, more visitors started to show up in neighbourhoods. Earlier this year, we had come up with a few initiatives to make visitor registration contactless and trackable which in turn improves the wellbeing of your neighbourhood!

You can click on these initiatives introduced to learn more about them:

(Introduced in JaGaApp 2.0)

As a resident, all you have to do is make sure to pre-register your visitors!

Watch: Why Should You Pre-Register Your Visitors with JaGaApp?

Partnership Initiatives

Our efforts to build desirable neighbourhoods go way beyond being just a system for visitors or building management. There are other aspects to a resident’s daily life, so we worked with promising partners that share the same vision as us to provide those conveniences for you!

And that’s what the dedicated souls at our Partnership team did! We brought in and introduced partners such as car sharing, vending machines, car wash centers, grocery trucks, and more to your neighbourhood.

Throughout the year, these were the partners we had worked with:

Even when the year was tough for us, we didn’t stop to find and introduce our initiatives that are highly beneficial for you and your neighbourhood 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

JaGaCrew Work Arrangements

Since the 3rd quarter of 2020, we were working from home. Then, we returned to work in the office with lots of excitement when regulations permitted us to do so around March 2021. 

However, it was only for a short time. We reverted to working from home again around May when cases started spiking, and to a new high of 5 digits daily between July to mid-October.

Forget what you used to think about other community app companies.
We can be quite “unique” especially at work 

Now, all of us are back to working in the office since October 2021 after the restriction was relaxed by the government.

Weekly team bonding activity – JaGather in the office.

One of the unusual struggles we faced was the need to constantly adapt to our working environment – office to home, home to office, again and again. Each has its own appeal, but after going through a few rounds of rotation, the majority of us still think that working together in the office is still the better practice.

At least for us, nothing beats the fun, laughter, and support that we get directly from each other when we are together as a team.

Don’t you agree?

Ending Note

2021 definitely gave us many hardships – individually and at the company level – but it also taught us many lessons and things that we might have previously taken for granted.

credit: GIPHY

Let’s stay optimistic and continue to look at the bright side!

See you in the next issue 👋🏻


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