It's Chinese New Year!

You went out to the shopping mall for your weekend grocery shopping. Parts of the mall are filled with pop-up stores selling all kinds of buttery cookies and snacks. As you hear the drums and cymbals mashing out familiar tunes that are played once a year, you think to yourself: “Oh right, it’s that time of the year again.” 

That’s exactly what the JaGaCrew felt when we went out for our lunches recently! Can you believe we’re halfway through January, and that Chinese New Year (CNY) is in less than 2 weeks? 🤯 Most of us have not even begun planning our CNY leaves yet!

Anyway, to those of you who are celebrating CNY, chances are you will be heading back to you/your family’s hometown 🚙, and you may not be home for a period of time. Some of you may even be expecting guests over for the whole week. 

And so, we’ve decided to list a few things you should be doing with JaGaApp to make the most out of your CNY experience. Let’s get into it! 📝


Roar-tate your Intercom Numbers 🐯📞

Once in a while, we do see guards dialling on the intercom only to find out that the number specified on the system is not up-to-date. This slows down the registration process at the guard house, and results in long waiting queues on peak hours.

If you foresee yourself being out of home for CNY, it may be helpful to change your unit’s intercom numbers. Some who have helpers or maids at home would opt to change their Unit Intercom A to their landline, while others will reorganize the intercom numbers according to whoever in the family that will be in town.

Meanwhile if you’re going to be home, you may expect yourself to get real busy with guests. Fret not as well, just modify your set of intercom numbers and delegate one of your family members to respond to guards whenever a visitor arrives.

Purr(Pre)-Register Every Visitor!

If you’ve visited your friends or families in a condominium/high density neighbourhood before, you know how long the waits at the guard houses are. 

Here’s the catch though, our data suggests that there are significantly more visitors during festive seasons. And if your guests were going through traffic jams from their homes, imagine how they would be feeling if they still have to jam through your guard house. 😥

More time spent on queueing also means lesser time spent connecting with your loved ones over CNY visits. Thus, be sure to do your part for the neighbourhood and ensure that you pre-register every visitor that you are expecting.

Not only does this speed things up at the guard house, odds are your guests will be coming for visits in a better mood! 😊

(P/S:  Visitors can get themselves registered at the guard house faster via JaGaID, why not take the chance to tell them about it during CNY?)

Plan Ahead and Book Facilities Earlier

Fancy a spice-up for your reunion dinners at the barbeque pits ? Expecting a larger than usual crowd for your gatherings? Chances are you’ll probably be needing to book facilities (if you live in a condominium).

Given that facilities are shared, you should always plan ahead and book the facilities you need earlier.

While the facility booking feature on JaGaApp prevents double booking, I’m sure you do not want to be caught in a situation debating with the management on getting a slot on the eve of CNY.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage spam bookings, nor do we encourage large gatherings in your neighbourhood’s common facilities. Please adhere to social distancing SOPs, and be respectful to your neighbourhood’s facility booking rules at all times. 🙏🏻

Spring Clean for CNY with HeyJaGa

According to Chinese traditions, spring cleaning the house before CNY is symbolic for cleaning away the bad luck from the previous year to welcome the new year.

That said, we totally understand that there are some things at home that may be harder to clean by yourself. Maybe you don’t even have enough time to clean!

Home cleaning is tiring, and even more so when you are in a rush.

Remember, HeyJaGa allows you to book for home services such as curtain cleaning, plumbing and aircon servicing. All in 3 simple steps! Leaving you with more time to plan for the more important things (like what CNY cookies to buy).

What better time to get your sofas and curtains a clean up than the weeks before CNY? If that resonates with you and you have yet to give HeyJaGa a try, go ahead and make your booking

Get a Personalized e-Greeting Card from us!

When our designer showed these e-greeting cards to us, we were ecstatic for a few reasons:

  1. It’s cute. 🥺
  2. Every card contains some things symbolic to each of our product. 🤩
  3. It’s really cute. 😩

It didn’t take us much, but we managed to bribe him and our marketing team to enable these cards to be personalized.

That’s right, your name, on the card. Simply choose a design via the form (link below) if you’re interested, and we will reach out to you with your personalized e-greeting card via email. Form closes by the 24th January!

Shop for CNY Clothes on ZALORA (with our promo code)!

Come to think about it, CNY 2022 is looking to be different from the last two years, as:

  1. It is the first CNY since MCO SOPs were “relaxed” for gatherings
  2. Interstate travel is possible, so reunion dinners with your relatives are finally happening

Which also means we could finally show up for visits in new clothes!

We don’t know about you, but most of the JaGaCrew were scurrying for new clothes online! Most of us settled with clothes from Zalora too, since there’s both a discount and cashback on our purchase. Don’t miss this deal if you’ve got some last minute shopping to do!

For New ZALORA Users:
Use code NEWJAGANY22 to get 24% off + 4% cashback with no min. spend*
*Valid from 1st Jan – 28th February 2022
*Discount and cashback capped at RM50
*Valid for items sold by ZALORA, T&Cs apply

*Valid for new ZALORA customers, for a single usage only

For Existing ZALORA Users:
Use code JAGANY22 to get 20% off + 5% cashback with min. spend RM180*
*Valid from 1st Jan – 28th February 2022
*Valid for items sold by ZALORA, T&Cs apply

Ending Note

With Chinese New Year coming soon, the JaGaCrew would like to wish everyone celebrating this season a very paw-sperous Chinese New Year! 🐯

We hope your Year of the Tiger will be filled with good fortune 🧧, good food 🍖, and more importantly, good health 🙏🏻. 

And to those who are not celebrating, we prey (Pun intended. Tiger and prey, get it?) you enjoy the holidays, and we hope that the traffic in and out of the city will be kind to you.

See you in the next edition! 

And before you go, let us know if you enjoyed reading our newsletter.

We would love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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