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Welcome back to JaGaCorner (after a looong break) and we hope you had a wonderful CNY celebration!

Our little tips and tricks for CNY preparation (the JaGaApp way)¬†in the last issue were well received by our readers. Hence, we are taking it one step further in this issue by sharing with you some¬†unbelievably helpful, life-changing mobile apps¬†you wish you’d known about them¬†earlier.

We went around the office and asked the JaGaCrews¬†for their personal favourites. There¬†were only¬†2¬†requirements to make into the list ūüďĚ:
1. Uniquely helpful apps that are underrated and uncommon to many
2. Free apps that are easy to use with minimal ads (frequent pop-ups are annoying!)

Disclaimer: Before you proceed, please note that these recommendations are based on real usage and actual experience by the JaGaCrews. None of these applications listed here are in any form of paid sponsorship or advertisements.


1. Decision Maker: Spin the Wheel

This is one of those¬†you-didn’t know-you-needed¬†it kind of app. This was recommended by one of our JaGaCrew and the editorial team instantly knew this should be in the list.


What Is It For?
This app comes in super handy when it comes to making some of the hardest decisions in life, such as deciding what or where to eat for lunch¬†ūü§Ē

How To Use?
Just put in all the available options in the wheel and spin it! If you are not satisfied with the destined outcome, just tap and spin it again and again. There are also settings like Repeat Option and Spin Duration to make you feel like you’re actually in control.

The free version has some ads here and there, but overall it is a simple and easy-to-use app. There are also other similar apps on the app stores so feel free to explore and let us know if there are better options!

2. Splitwise

Next one in the list is just nice for when you finished eating in the restaurant with your group of friends or colleagues.

What Is It For?
We’ve briefly covered this in one of our older newsletter before, but Splitwise is definitely something underrated if you always find yourself needing to split bills/expenses with your friends and families. 

How To Use?
For this to be properly used, your friends/family will need to download the app as well. The free version allows you to split bills in many different ways (evenly, set percentage, or fixed number). It even gives you the ability to split by item, which makes bill-splitting for restaurant bills really easy.


There exists a paid version of the app, but we are unfortunately not on it and thus can’t give you our take on whether it’s worth subscribing to. Something noteworthy of the paid plan though, is that it allows you to scan receipts and automatically itemizes what is on the receipt. If you intend to use it, do let us know how it works!

3. Money Manager Expense & Budget

Among the money management/expenses tracking app out there, this one is highly recommended by one of our JaGaCrew who is also an ex-banker, so you know this must be packing some real good stuffs.

What Is It For?
Basically, it helps to track your expenses vs budget. Additionally, you can also track them by category, and even customize the categories to your own requirements!

How To Use?
It has a simple UI where you can see all your spending (either daily, weekly, or monthly) in one glance. Money manager also has charts and graphs to help you better visualize your personal P&L and Balance Sheet. 

4. Spark Mail

Spark is a third-party email client (available for both Android and iOS Users) that aims to make the email experience great again.

What Is It For?
It makes clearing emails lightning fast by grouping all your email accounts into a single unified inbox. It also automatically detects the type of email you’re receiving (i.e. newsletter, notifications, etc.), and prioritizes actual email conversations with other people at the top of the page.

How To Use?
Here are some of the additional features on Spark that we’ve come to appreciate too:

  1. Smart Search emails for important links, files with natural language

  2. Use Smart Notifications to keep yourself notified for emails that are important to you (like ours, cough cough).

  3. Clear your emails on-the-fly with Swipes

5. JaGaApp

We admit this is a shameless plug ūü§≠ūü§£ Nonetheless for many of our¬†users, JaGaApp has really made their daily lives much so much easier.

What Is It For?
From proper visitor registration, effective communication with Management Office, to making payments in-app, the app provides much-needed convenience for community living in the modern world.

How To Use?
Just make your community has signed up on JaGaApp, and then you can register an account and be linked with your community. Once successful, you will gain access to features such as Intercom, Emergency Assist, Facility Booking, and more. 

If you think any of your friends or family members are needs to have JaGaApp where they are living in, don’t be shy to recommend us to them!

P.S.: There is also a feature in JaGaApp that lets you do just that¬†ūüėé


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Ending Note

We hope that these little sharings by us will benefit you a long way for your daily use. If you found them really useful, just forward them our newsletter, or better yet, encourage them to sign up for our newsletter for more content like these in the future!

Stay safe and we will see you in the next issue.

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