Ka-ching! ūüíį Better Collection = Better Community Part 1

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Today, our topic is going to be revolving around a fairly new feature of JaGaApp, and it’s money-related ūüíįūüíįūüíį

Yepp Рwe are going to share with you about JaGaPay: the in-app payment feature of JaGaApp. JaGaPay allows you to make payments directly to your Management Office via the app. At any time, you can also check your statements or outstanding balances easily!

We caught up with a resident from Landmark Residence where the Management had activated JaGaPay months ago. Read on to find out her user experience in using JaGaPay and we hope you could relate as well if your property is already on it. If you’re not, here’s what you can do about it:

Note: currently, JaGaPay is only available for properties that are on JaGaApp 2.0.

This is also our first Catchup Corner (a new segment launched recently) with a resident!

Disclaimer: The following content has been edited and condensed by our editors from its original version for clarity.


Catching up with Jane from Landmark Residence

How do you normally pay the maintenance fee and sinking fund before implementation of JaGaPay in your Property?

Before this, I either do bank transfers or sometimes walk-in to the Management Office to settle the payment. 

After implementation of JaGaPay, what’s your main payment method and why?

Now, I only make payments via the e-wallet option in JaGaApp, because it is super convenient and there are additional rewards for making payments with e-wallet too.

Did you know?¬†ūüí°
FPX is (surprisingly) the most popular payment option by JaGaApp users when making payments online via JaGaPay!
How do you keep your receipt or statement before and after implementation of JaGaPay?

Previously, I did manual filing but I also had a habit of discarding them periodically. Now, I’m only doing¬†e-filing¬†on all the payment records because indirectly it is friendly to the environment too!

What are other features of JaGaApp that you frequently use?

I often¬†pre-register my¬†visitors¬†using the app. Sometimes, I also¬†keep a lookout¬†for the deals in¬†Market section¬†of the app, though I didn’t manage to book any of the deals yet so far.

Do you have any words of appreciation towards your Management Office, Committee, or us JaGaApp?

I’m really grateful that committee brought in JaGaApp as the¬†management app for the building. It really brought me so much¬†convenience, especially during this pandemic where walk-in to the Management Office should be minimal and discouraged.¬†

Besides, JaGaApp is a useful & easy-to-use app. I also hope you guys will come out with more excited deals for the users.

Editors: Of course¬†we will! Stay tuned¬†ūüėČ

Less Worries, More Smileys ūüėĀūüėĀūüėĀ

With JaGaPay enabled, a resident like you¬†won’t ever have¬†to:

  • Jot¬†down management‚Äôs bank details – just to make¬†payment;
  • Provide¬†proof of payment to the management and hope that they will not forget to issue the¬†receipt,¬†and;
  • Check your outstanding bills/statements manually on a monthly/weekly basis

Instead, by opening JaGaApp and with a few taps, you will be able-

As well as:

Click here to know more about JaGaPay.


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Ending Note

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Here’s a sneak peek for Part 2: we’ll be catching up with a committee on his experience of having JaGaPay and JaGaCount in his property – and how it helped him to¬†reduce the property’s bad debt by a staggering amount of 72%!

Stay tuned.

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