Ka-ching! ūüíį Better Collection = Better Community Part 2

In our previous JaGaCorner newsletter, a resident shared a bright new side of her life after JaGaPay was implemented in her property ūüéáūüéܬ†

“Now, I only make payments via the¬†e-wallet option¬†in JaGaApp, because it is super convenient.”
– Jane from Landmark Residence

Check out our previous issue¬†here¬†in case fate wasn’t on our side that time¬†(or you had simply missed it).

Well in this issue – and as we’ve teased it – we got a Committee Member to share with us his side of the story after using JaGaPay in his property.

Let’s catch up with Radzi!

Disclaimer: The following content has been edited and paraphrased by our editors from its original version for clarity.


Catching up with Radzi from Seroja Hills


Q: Can you briefly describe your position or responsibilities in the property?

A: I am the Treasurer and I mainly handle the monthly management accounts and cash flow matters of Seroja Hills.

Q: What were the major expenses the committees had decided to spend on in the last 6 months - using the property's maintenance fees and sinking fund?

A: Our major payments went mainly to public cleaning services and the building's fire insurance (renewal). Then there are also staff cost for admin, management office, and the security guards.

Q: Overall, how has JaGaPay and JaGaCount helped you with your work as a Treasurer?

A: JaGaCount helped in capturing the payments received and they were posted straight into the accounting system and residents' Statement of Accounts (SOA) got updated timely. Thanks to the integration with JaGaApp, residents can also view and check their SOA anytime from the app.

With that mentioned, it greatly reduced our time (and cost) from generating manual receipts and updating SOA for the residents manually. To sum it up, the products worked really well and gave me the visibility (on numbers) and capacity for timely updates. These helped us greatly in reminding residents of their dues.

Q: Did it help with your collection rate? Was there an increase (or decrease) in the collection after the implementation new system?

A: After using the new system, our maintenance fee and sinking fund collection had increased to roughly 90 - 96% per month since then.

When comparing our outstanding fees of year-end 2021 to 2020, we were shock-filled with joy to know that our bad debts reduced from RM148,000 to RM42,000 - a staggering improvement of 72%!

Q: Please recommend us your favorite food/restaurant near your property - our readers would love it!

A: I can recommend you my favourite Nasi Kerabu from Nasi Kerabu Tumis Kok Lanas.

Nasi Kerabu

Source: Abd Aziz. Retrieved from Google Map.

Bonus: check out the stall here!

Q: Anything else you would like to share with us or other JaGaApp users?

A: Before having the in-app payment (JaGaPay), we allowed online transfers only. No cash payments were accepted in our property.

After adopting JaGaPay, we updated our SOP, and only payments made through JaGaApp were accepted. Any individual payments that were made using online transfer, we will transfer them back to the residents and request them to pay using the app. 

To some, it might seem funny or unnecessary, but it mattered to us because we wanted to avoid manual receipt creation completely. We prefer to have the system handle and do things as it should be - for us.

Let's Talk About Money Facts ūüďä

Radzi’s success case in Seroja Hills can happen to you and your property too!

Based on our statistics, clients that utilize both JaGaPay and JaGaCount integration in their property enjoyed an increase in collection rate of 22% on average.

The collection rate of these properties also raised to a minimum of 60% after system implementation, with some properties having up to 90 Р98% collection rate. Besides money, they also enjoyed time savings of up to 240 minutes per month on average by eliminating many tedious and manual tasks through automation.

Not sure if you need both JaGaPay and JaGaCount (accounting system), or only JaGaPay (via our manual billing feature)? This comparison table will be of useful guidance:

Better even, you can just fill in this form and register your interest for either JaGaPay, JaGaCount, or both. We will get in touch with you for more details:



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Ending Note

A healthy collection rate is crucial for maintaining a property and the people residing in it. Without sufficient funds, it will be tough to upkeep the property and preserve its value. 

So here’s a lite reminder to clear your outstandings (if you have any) or make your payments on time, alright?¬†ūüėé

See you in the next issue!

And before you go, let us know if you enjoyed reading our newsletter.

We would love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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