Adding More Life into Work-Life Balance

As the Hari Raya celebration is coming to a close, so will our trips to our friends’ and families’ Raya open houses. 😢

The newsletter crew at JaGaApp were reminiscing on all the different cookies and Raya food we’ve had in the open houses we’ve went to, and just like the kicks from the spiciest sambals we experienced throughout this festive season, reality kicked in: We were gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. 😫

We were not pinning blame on our visits over Raya though. In our usual day-to-day routine, it has been a struggle to find an ideal balance between our work and life. 🥺 Our nature of work (committee meetings after office hours, late-night client support trips etc.) makes it difficult to carve out space and time to care for ourselves sometimes too.

What was originally supposed to be a meeting for the next JaGaCorner started to then become a peer support group to talk about the different varieties of activities we been sneaking in amidst our busy schedules.

If you resonate to our post-Raya experience, and would like to get some exercise in without breaking the bank, here’s 3 activities that you could consider (with a JaGaCrew twist)!


Hiking / Walks by the Park

Visiting parks over the weekend is a great way to kickstart the habit of getting walks in. In most cases, its free, family-friendly, and something about having some fresh air and sunshine that just gives the mind and body a good reset for the week to come.
Did we also mention that most of our ideas about JaGaApp came from… walking? 🙈

Anyway! Here’s a list of parks, that we attempt to sum up in one-liners based on our personal experiences:

1. Titiwangsa Park, KL

Family-friendly park with ample flat-roads and an amazing view of the KL skyline.
(Image Credit: TomasSereda)

2. Metropolitan Park Kepong, KL

Bring bread and money for an evening loaded with fun. (Hint: fishes and bicycles involved) (Image Credit: Lomography)


Full of monkeys, also a good place to hike if you’re a beginner.
(Image Credit: RoofTalks)


If you’re all about nature, trees and different kinds of plants, this is a must-visit.
(Image Credit: Reef Omar)


(P/S: JaGaApp is not affiliated with the two products that will be mentioned in this section. Everything mentioned below reflects only our experience as happy users of both platforms.)

I’ll confess: most of the JaGaCrew are amateurs at badminton. 😶‍🌫️ That said, most of us do own racquets, and so we’ve made a conscious attempt to play Badminton once a week.

In the recent years, most sports centres have digitised the booking process to allow players to book online. If you’re looking to get into it just like us, here’s a few apps you could use to book your next badminton session outside with your friends.

AFA (Athletes for Athletes) App

As frequent users of the app, we were seriously impressed with the whole booking experience on AFA! With a few taps, bookings can be made and paid in-app, and all we needed to do to open the court lights was to scan a QR Code. How cool! 🤯

If you’re not a fan of badminton, AFA also lists tennis courts, futsal courts and more for you to book. Its honestly a wide variety and we believe they truly lived up to their name!


Courtsite is also a booking platform for users to make bookings in public courts. They house different sports centres than the ones you would see in AFA, so our regular routine has always been cycling between both platforms to see which centre in both platforms got vacant courts for us to book. 😂

Something different you would notice about Courtsite is that not only could you reserve and make payments all at one go, you could also join other users’ games if they allowed so. If you’re open to making new friends, why not give it a go and have a little sweat in the process? 🤓

Table Tennis

Unlike badminton, we take table tennis fairly seriously in the office.

Outside office hours, you will hear the pingpong ball sounds resonated through the office, signalling that people are playing at the table. for more reasons than not, we found it a good sport because:

  1. It takes up lesser space
  2. Not much equipment needed
  3. Everyone can play!

We have regulars playing almost everyday, and we also have a running league table with weekly standings to see who is the best player at the end of every week. All for some good fun to alleviate some stress from our work 😊

On a side note, we are always finding meaningful ways to connect with our users! If you are a casual table tennis player, and would like to connect with us, do fill up the form below to signal your interest! We will try our absolute best to convince our bosses to allow us to come to your community for a few games. 🏓


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We are not ending a JaGaCorner dedicated to an active lifestyle without this!

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Ending Note

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little piece of sharing from us again! And just like how we aspire to be better at caring for your community, we hope you would be able to do the same for yourself by getting your body to move too.

Until next time, stay active and stay safe!

And before you go, let us know if you enjoyed reading our newsletter.

We would love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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