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Welcome back everyone to another JaGaCorner post, this is Wai Hong here, Associate Director of Creative in JaGaApp. For those who has never met me before, yes the name itself sounds like a guy 😲 but I can assure you that is not the case at all. And I have my parents to blame.. er I mean thank (let’s just leave it at that 😂) This week I will be taking over the baton from David to share with you a glimpse of my daily life as a new mom 🤱

3:00am – 5:00am – A little night owl 🦉
Pretty much unlike me, my months old baby is an early riser and hence my “typical” day always start at the wee hour, waking up in between 3am and 5am for diaper changes, mid-night feedings, pumps and much more.

6:00am – The evil alarm 
By the time everything settles down and that’s when you thought you can get a bit more shut eye, the work alarm goes off.

My morning dilemma – Via Giphy

7:00am – The superpower I wish I had 🦸‍♀️
Rush out from my house to drop off my baby with my parents before I rush to clock in for work. This is where I always wish I had superpower to teleport and *POOF*.

8:30am – The real battle begins.. ⚔️
Get myself a cup of hot coffee while going through mountains of emails, back-to-back meetings, con-calls and a never-ending discussions and intense debates 🔥 among colleagues on how can we further enhance and improve JaGaApp for our users. And all these always happen behind the scenes of the app that we build for YOU!

How i walk into my daily meetings – Via Giphy

Believe it or not, we are a strong believer in our product and how much it can do to our lives and YOURS too. Being a JaGaApp user myself in my own condo, I appreciate that I could do almost everything with JaGaApp while on-the-go. From paying my maintenance feessubmitting formsregistering my visitorsbooking for facilities and more, anytime, anywhere, you name it 🥰. And that’s a game changer especially for those early birds who leaves early for work (like me) where we have absolutely no time to walk in to the management office.

7:00pm – Supermama needs help too 💪
Gets off from work and grab a super quick dinner before I rush to my parents’ place again to pick up my baby. If you are wondering whether do I have time for all the housechores, I DON’T! 😆 I always engage the professionals through HeyJaGa for all the door-to-door home services I need from cleaners, curtain cleaning, air cond servicing and more. No harm to take a break once a while from my mama duty 👍

11:00pm – Shopping Spree
Always end my night with a bit of me-time, doing some late-night mama’s shopping spree and get all the never-enough baby clothes and MORE baby stuff (every mom’s guilt 🤣). If you’re a hoarder like me, scroll down to get the Shopee Voucher for their on-going raya sales!

That pretty much sums up the typical day of my motherhood. What’s YOUR story? I would love to connect and listen to all the mama moments from all the supermamas out there 😘


And yes we got ourselves a WINNER! Most of you have chosen Design #3 as your top favourite JaGaCorner logo! 🎉 *throws confetti*. Shoutout to all the readers who voted and remember to redeem your ZUS Coffee voucher before it expires!  

Sharing some of the many comments we received on the logos that we love 😍 and these words hit our hearts 💘!

“I love design 1, the classic cup and saucer design.
It symbolises the community sitting down together in a cafe, sipping on nice hot cappuccino while chatting.”

– Voted on Design #1

“This simply shows how mobile the app is. Access anywhere, everywhere. Just like coffee in that cup..”

– Voted on Design #3

JaGaApp gives me peace of mind while staying at home and I believe most Malaysians have this kind of free-gift-mugs at home from buying toothpaste.”

– Voted on Design #2

“The logo of to-go-cup is perfect to represent JaGaCorner as it indicate free and fast movement to reach the neighbourhoods and community.” 

– Voted on Design #3


Mother's Day Celebration 🤱🏻

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I love you Mama 💌

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