Work to Eat, Eat to Work

I think it’s time we told the truth. 

Confession: Not many residents know that while we are a software provider, a big part of our work revolves around a need to be physically present on-site. Be it for operational support, or committee meetings/AGMs, we try our level best attend them all when possible.

It’s also why some of us JaGaCrew are designated to be on-ground most of the time. Having our office in Phileo Damansara helps, since it’s kinda in the middle of everywhere. However, I’m not denying the fact that it does get very taxing on us to be constantly on-the-road though.

So being the serious foodies we are, we have 2 (informal) policies for our colleagues to de-stress when on-site:

  1. Try to visit a new restaurant/place if time permits!
  2. Always bring extras back to the office to share with us!

With the recent MRT promotion for free rides, we’ve naturally extended our efforts to also attend meetings and go on site visits with the MRT as much as possible. That unlocked more new eateries for us, and boy were we delighted with the options as we started sharing our lists with each other!

The promotion is ending soon, which means rides will no longer be free . Fret not though, we took the effort to collate a list of spots for you to look out for on your next MRT ride!

But first, we’ll highlight our Top 5 must-go places on the MRT Kajang line. (If you would like to have the full list, read on!)

Note: None of these mentions are paid nor sponsored. We genuinely loved what we had and found in these places, and hope that more of you would support them. 


JaGaCrew's Top 5 MRT Highlights (Kajang Line)

JONETZ by Don Don Donki, Surian MRT

JONETZ by Don Don Donki is fairly known by Malaysians for their imported Japanese products at this point, but mention it to the JaGaCrew and all we’ll do is recommend you the things that are worth eating there. The most memorable dish? Their wagyu beef skewers. 

It’s juicy, succulent, and most importantly, it’s wagyu (on a stick!!!). Quite frankly, if you want steak without blowing a hole in your budget, this is probably your next best alternative. 

Normal skewers can only be ordered after 4pm, while their premium skewers can be ordered anytime (source: a friendly colleague).

Don Don Donki Tropicana Gardens Mall Shop Entrance (Image Credit: DON DON DONKI Malaysia Facebook)
Wagyu Beef Skewers @ Don Don Donki (Image Credit: DON DON DONKI Malaysia Facebook)
Kee Nguyễn, TTDI MRT

First it was our friends’ Instagram stories, and once we had it, we couldn’t stop.

From a humble setup in Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya, this Vietnamese coffee franchise quickly expanded into 40 outlets all around Klang Valley. Kee Nguyễn made it to our list for a few reasons:

  1. The Vietnamese coffee is by far one of the most (if not, THE most) authentic ones we’ve had in Malaysia.
  2. Each batch of their coffee is hand-brewed and tested by the owner, which means they are meticulous on quality. Chances are, you’ll even see the owner doing sipping tests on the next batch of coffee in your next visit.
  3. The one nearest to our office is a 5-minute walk from the TTDI MRT station. Points for convenience!

It’s powered our post-Lunch hangovers all the time, and we hope it can power yours too!  First timers should go for the usual coffee with condensed milk. For second timers, I highly recommend the yogurt coffee.

Kee Nguyen @ TTDI (Image Credit: Isobel – Foursquare)
Kee Nguyen Signature Condensed Milk – Cà Phê Sữa (Image Credit: Kee Nguyen Facebook)
REXKL, Pasar Seni MRT

It’s more of an after work affair whenever we are here, but REXKL was a spot that won a lot of the JaGaCrew’s hearts. Friday night traffic isn’t the best, so we’ve found ourselves hanging around this area for an evening’s fun.

Dubbed as a community hub, REXKL thoughtfully designed the space to accommodate multiple retail outlets, a gorgeous BookXcess setup, and a performing arts theatre. Right downstairs is where you’ll find The Back Ground, a venue decorated with F&B stalls in a food court-esque fashion. (Note: We were very pleased with Chū by Fifty Tales on the last visit).

There’s something for everyone in REXKL, so make this the spot-to-be for your weekday night!

REXKL Building Exterior (Image Credit: Cheong Gze Wei)
REXKL Interior View (Image Credit: Catherine L. – Foursquare)
Lot 10, Bukit Bintang MRT

Seasoned patrons would know that Lot 10 is filled with all sorts of options for meals. From local delights to authentic Japanese food, we took the liberty to add Lot 10 in because we thoroughly enjoyed our last visit here to celebrate our colleague’s birthday. Plus, it’s the first place you’d see if you hop off at one of the exits at Bukit Bintang MRT, making it really accessible.

If you’re looking to splurge a little on your meals, the Japanese restaurants are worth checking out!

Seen in the picture:

  1. Osaka Kitchen (the closest to an authentic Osaka okonomiyaki that we found).
  2. Tokyo Restaurant (their infamous burnt cheesecakes are consistently good).
Okonomiyaki @ Osaka Kitchen (Image Credit: Management – Tripadvisor)
Burnt Cheesecake @ Tokyo Restaurant (Image Credit: JChong – Tripadvisor)
MyungRang, Sunway Velocity, Cochrane MRT

Corndogs hold a special place in our hearts. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s a convenient takeaway snack in between meals. Typically, we’d have one to keep us going when we have meetings to attend at weird timings of the day. 

Our default used to be the ones from the convenience stores, but MyungRang surprised us with the amount of options they had. Not only were there a variety of fillings to choose from, you could even drizzle the sauces and toppings on your own! 

Corndog with 4 Types of Cheese (Image Credit: MyungRang Malaysia Facebook)
MyungRang’s Monsta Ddaddable Cheese Corndog (Image Credit: MyungRang Malaysia Facebook)

On a side note, you will be passing by Nanjing Street if you’re walking from the MRT station. Nanjing Street is an elevated path into the mall concentrated with a ton of hotpot restaurants. Quite the ideal spot for hotpot on a rainy evening, since you’d get a cooling, short walk before and after the meal.

Ending Note

“And that’s pretty much it!” is… what I would like to say, but Malaysia never runs out of new restaurants. In the name of JaGaSpirit, we want to look after our community of users, and so we’re proud to leave behind with you OUR very own list of food recommendations!

Some of these pinned locations have been tried and tested tasted by us, while some caught our attentions for a visit in the future. We’ll be dropping a small note in each of them over time, and you can expect the list to continue to grow (like our appetites, ahem ).

Oh, and a PSA before we head off, if you do see people in the guard house wearing red lanyards/polo tees next time, they’re most probably one of us at work. Feel free to say hi, talk about your experience with JaGaApp, and let us know what’s good to eat nearby. 

See you in the next edition!

Want us to start a Makan Corner? Let us know what you want us talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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