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Yes, and big props to YOU for sticking with us for 35 episodes! We hope we can continue to keep the content fresh and interesting to you for more editions to come. ūüėä

This edition is no different, while we try to finally dissect, or uncover some truth behind one of the key people involved in the production of this newsletter: our editor, Jia Han! ūü•≥

Many of you guys may not know, but Jia Han is a colleague of ours that wears multiple hats in the company. We thought he should be getting some of the limelight with you guys, so we forced took the opportunity this time and interrogated asked him a few questions about himself and work.

Let’s get into it! ūü§©


Catching Up with our Editor

What is your responsibility in JaGaApp?

I’m a Senior Executive in the Strategy team, and my main scope of work involves project managing some of the younger products in JaGaSolution, mainly JaGaRonda, JaGaCard and JaGaWorks. My team and I are responsible for driving the go-to-market plans for these products, as well as developing features that are sensible for users.

I think we do cover more than that, but I that’s the best summary I could give for now, haha.

Aside from that, I do take on some work that isn’t entirely related to my department. Editing this newsletter is an example! I also do stock up the office pantry once in a while, among other things.

There’s generally always work to do in the office if you looked for it, and I guess I am one of those nosier guys that would be looking for things to do whenever I can.

How do you keep yourself motivated in your work?

Well if I do not do a good job, I may lose my job, and I won‚Äôt be able to pay my bills! ūü§£

Jokes aside, I think what motivates me is mainly two-fold:

Satisfaction from seeing happy customers

My role in the company requires me to interact a lot with both customers and internal teams for various reasons.  This provides me a first-hand view on how our customers interact with the tools we gave them. 

More importantly, through this exercise I also start to see how the things we‚Äôve been building positively impacts¬†work in the management office, which is honestly very rewarding. Every ‚Äúthank you‚ÄĚ I get from them may seem insignificant, but it really recharges me like a battery that just pushes me to do better.

A lot of gratitude

I once spoke to a security guard who wanted to be a mechanic but failed the certification multiple times due to personal reasons. I felt bad for being unable to do much to help, but it’s¬†times like these where I get reminded of how privileged I have been to be raised the way I was, and to be around like-minded people to grow further.¬†

I do have my bad days at work, but those thoughts get shoved away whenever I remind myself that there‚Äôs someone out there struggling day-to-day for just a meal. The least I could do is to give my job a 110%,¬†and give back to the world that’s given me so much.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with JaGaCrew?

2 years ago, there was a new condominium project in KL that opted in for JaGaRonda.

In the rollout process, we only realised the scale of the project after arriving on site, and we were told that the guard company needed assistance in getting the clocking points set up.

To give you an idea, there were 10 blocks in total, and we had to setup checkpoints that cover each block’s¬†fire exits, parking, the facility deck and perimeter.

The entire setup process took us 6 hours, and by the time I was done, I clocked more than 14,000 steps for that day. You can bet we were drenched in sweat when everything was over! We took a long meal to rest as well, but beyond that, we found a new level of respect for security guards after that day.

If you had a meme to describe yourself, what would it be?

Not saying that I look like this all the time, but I relate to this Elmo GIF a lot whenever I think about how I’d face (or want to face) my work/life.

Cheerful, a little spring in the step, but more importantly, with a positive attitude to things! Hahahaha.

Partner Corner (Malaysia Day Edition)


Q: What does Farmly do?
A:¬†“Farmly. Groceries, Simplified” is our slogan, and we are an online grocery shopping platform. We aim¬†to provide¬†users with novel, simpler¬†ways to shop for groceries online.

Farmly not only recommends groceries based on the ingredient the user is trying to purchase, but users can also easily browse for meal inspirations and have a 1-click experience to purchase all the ingredients they need for guided recipes. 

Q: What inspired you to start this business?
A: We realized that the grocery shopping experience (both online and offline) in Malaysia can be quite confusing, isn’t efficient, and might be overwhelming to some. That got us thinking about ways to help streamline and improve the grocery shopping experience. At Farmly, we believe in simplifying the grocery shopping process without compromising on the quality and freshness of the products our users get.

Q: 1 message that you have for Malaysians
 Always stand for what you believe in; what is right; and what you desire. True freedom lies where the mind is without fear.

Q: Your ideal Malaysia in less than 7 words?
 A united Malaysia made up by societies of confident Malaysians. 

MountainCat Durian

Q: What does MountainCat Durian do?
A:¬†We are a durian processing factory specializing in¬†frozen products from¬†frozen durian paste to special desserts like¬†freeze dried durian¬†(Editor’s¬†Note: That’s so cool!).

All of our products are made from durians harvested from our durian farm in Broga, Negeri Sembilan.

Q: What inspired you to start this business?
A:¬†Durians, specifically the Musang King cultivar, is well-loved locally and overseas. It’s quickly gaining popularity in¬†countries like¬†China, Taiwan and Korea, and we want to be one of the¬†enabler that supplies the Malaysian delicacy overseas and have Malaysia be known internationally for such a delicious fruit.

Q: 1 message that you have for Malaysians
 To all beloved Malaysians, we are proud to be Malaysian!

Q: Your ideal Malaysia in less than 7 words?
 A nation free of poverty and corruption.


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Ending Note

Thank you to Jia Han once again for being so gracious in having us take over this edition! All the fun aside, we believe that his outlook on work and how he derives motivation from it really aligns with our JaGaSpirit, and we hope you feel inspired by him just as we are!

See you in the next edition!

We would love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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