We're expanding, and we need your help!

It’s painful to hear, but retrenchments and stories of business closures (like this one) have been running rampant on our newsfeeds for a while now.

These decisions never come easy for the business or the people. 😢 Our heartfelt support those who have been affected, and we hope you come back stronger, individual or business alike! 💪🏼

Over the weeks, business partners and friends alike have also asked us if we were doing okay.

Well, I’m pleased to inform that not only are we pulling along the rough seas just fine, we are also hiring. Read on to find out how you can help us!


We're Hiring!

“Hiring? In this climate?”

“But the recession is looming…”

You’re absolutely right! In fact, we even believe that this is the best path forward to bringing the best out of our company.

But, why hire now?

To be clear, we actually never stopped hiring in the whole of 2022. In fact, the job positions open right now are crucial for us to make the next 10x in our business.

Given the ongoing waves of layoffs in other companies, we felt that it’s only for us to get you informed of our opportunities (so that you could tell your closed ones too!)

Make no mistake, 2022 has been tough on us too, but we’re blessed with many factors amidst the headwinds:

We were preparing for an economic winter since 2021.
While we’ve continued to expand our business and grow our revenues, we’ve also reduced our costs by ~11% from last year, and ~20% if compared to 2020. We’re well positioned in our journey to a profitable 2023! 🤩

Our business is founded on real demand.
Strata living is the future, and like it or not, we know of more people living in condominiums and apartments now than before.

Presently, JaGaApp is also in over 450 neighbourhoods, and yet we are one of the largest providers in this space. With more than 6 million buildings in Malaysia, we have a LOT of market share to capture. 😱

Did we also mention that we have plans to expand our business regionally? Talk about room for growth!

We have the support from YOU!

Today, JaGaApp is solving real problems faced in buildings, from visitor management to facilities and maintenance.

And just like how you (the resident count) on us to safeguard your building records, we count on all of you to be the spokesperson of our product!

We seriously think we have the best group of users, and that our growth is largely attributed by the kind words you have given to your friends and families whenever you use our app. 🥰

Why do we believe in what we do?

For one, property management is an essential service. Regardless of the economy, it is an industry that will never die, but rather an industry that will learn to do more with less (that’s where we come in!).

While other sectors are getting more efficient with tech-powered solutions, most building managements today still rely on pen and paper.

Most building managements still work off a whiteboard like this.

That’s how we knew the demand for an all-rounded property management platform is real!

But beyond that, the market is largely not as developed because of the nature of the people in it.

Here’s what we mean:

  • JMB’s and RA’s change every year.
  • Committee members are all working on a pro-bono basis.
  • Contractors (including the management) change all the time.

These just make the goal of driving change in building processes all the more difficult. 😔

That’s why we think we’ve got something special! Aside from providing real value with our product lines, the JaGaSpirit is found in everything that we do.

We put an extraordinary level of care in not just the way we communicate with clients, but also in the way that we design products and SOPs, both internal and external.

So with us, it’s never been a matter of “if”, but “when” can we change the industry for the better. Our sights are on the long game!

Ending Note

We hope our little write-up enlightened you a little on how serious are we in this, and we really hope you could help us spread the good word that we’re looking for talents to grow with us. 🤝

All in all, if you resonate with our mission, and if you think you would like to be a part of the journey, come talk to us!

Here are the departments have vacancies at the moment:

  1. Partnership
  2. Operations
  3. Business Development
  4. Tech (Mobile Development)
  5. Cloud Accounting
  6. Human Resources

And before you go, check out our other career openings to see if you’re a good fit!

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