The Different Colours of JaGaCrew

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Recently, we’ve received a few emails from the readers asking us how are we able to write such a variety of content, from travel plans, restaurants, and even… mobile apps?

Frankly speaking, most of our content are inspired by the JaGaCrew’s lifestyles. As practitioners of the “work hard, play harder” adage, we’re passionate at both our work and our fun!

While we’re made up of a wide variety of personas, here’s five types of JaGaCrew that we want to share with you in this segment. Tell us if you’ve met any of them before!


Six Types of JaGaCrew

The Salesman

What our boss said can’t be more true! In a lot of cases, we have a dedicated bunch of JaGaCrew who are always found selling something in our group chats.

One of these guys even have an annual routine to get the latest iPhone every year. For that, he tries sell his previous iPhones to whoever that are interested 🤣

As we’re partners for brands like LazadaShopee and Zalora, we do have days where we try to promote spending in the office via our affiliate links too 🙈

The Food Caterer

Recently, we overheard a few of our colleagues that planned to cook lunch in the office pantry. One even offered to cook lunch for a few others in office!

It was then did we realise that they have been doing this for months. We don’t complain about it though, since we do get our fills occasionally. 😜

Steamed fish, hotpot, and even sushi, they certainly made full use of the office equipment to make their meals!
***Editor's Note: Why do some of the meals they make look better than the food I have at home? 😒
The Gamer

On lunch hours and after office hours, you’ll usually hear a lot more chatter around the office common areas. Thats when you know we’re probably playing mobile games with each other. 

Some of us tout themselves as Razer Silver farmers, while others casually play multiplayer games like Fun Run, Clash Royale, and more.

We even have our own JaGaApp clans for some games! 

P/S: Did we also mention that parts of JaGaApp’s designs were inspired from the UX in mobile games too? 🤓 

Nintendo Switch is always the company's best entertainment after work.
The Workaholics

We may look like a fun and playful bunch, but we definitely serious at work too! 

Here’s a rough glimpse of work in JaGaApp last month, in numbers:

It’s also why we modelled our office setup to help us ensure we can continue to work at our best. We want it to be a place that JaGaCrew can rely on as a pitstop to recharge, or even a place to share ideas openly.

Dual monitors and a well-stocked pantry are one of the few perks the JaGaCrew enjoys.
The Singers

Music is a big part of our culture. Not many of us play instruments, but ask anyone if they are up for karaoke and the answer will almost always be a yes. 🎤

Playing music in the office is totally okay when we’re in the mood, and karaoke outings are pretty common too!

Our company annual dinner venue actually came equipped with a karaoke machine, and a whole night of activities were scrapped off for a non-stop sing-off 🤣

(p/s: Half the company are Loudspeaker members, so if you do recognise us in some outlets, do come and say hi!)

Some of us do not necessarily like singing though, but that's totally okay!
The Athletes

We talked about this before, but as a refresher, some of us do spend our leisure time in sports, mainly table tennis.

Outside the office however, we do spend time dabbling into a few others:

  • Badminton
  • Bouldering (very recent)
  • Eating (it’s a sport… right? 👉🏻 👈🏻)

The last one isn’t a joke! Our in-house food reviewer spends her free time browsing for new restaurants on Google Maps. 🤣 She’s a true foodie, and we rely on her to recommend us places to eat even in the most outskirt areas.

Sounds like you? Join Us!

We hope this writeup gave your thoughts about us JaGaCrew some colour! The JaGaCrew are very much human too, and we do constantly try to find the little things in our work to cherish and love. 🙂

If you’re liking what you’ve read about us, you might just be our next colleague!

We’re looking to expand a few of our departments, so check out our website if you’re interested in joining us in our mission to empower neighbourhoods. 🥳

Here are the departments that are hiring:

  • Partnership
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Tech (Mobile Development)
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Human Resources

And before you go, check out our other career openings to see if you’re a good fit!


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