It's the little things!

Happy Thursday.

Election season just ended, and all of us are back at office planning for 2023 (Yes, this is your gentle reminder to start thinking about 2023 too!)

Reflecting over the weekend while we were stuck in traffic jams, we noticed parallels that can be drawn between living in Malaysia and in a neighbourhood:
  1. We share common spaces
  2. We vote for a central body that we believe in to govern for us
  3. We abide by common rules/house rules (or in a country’s setting, the constitution)
The lessons we learnt were the same too! Actions, no matter how big or small, will always leave an impact on the neighbourhood you’re in. And all actions have consequences too!

In the spirit of empowering neighbourhoods, we’re going to talk about the little things you can do in your community. Five, positive-sum behaviours, that when done collectively, make your neighbourhood a better place to live in.

Let’s go!


5 Actions you can take to Improve your Community

Pre-Register your Visitors
You might know us best for our visitor pre-registration feature, but what you may not know is that the guards rely on this feature. A lot.
Back in 2020, we did a field study in different guard houses on the difference in time taken to register visitors, both pre-registered and walk-in visitors. The full video on our findings can be found here, but here’s a summary for you:
That’s a stark difference, and that means guards spend 80% lesser time to check in visitors with QR Codes! 🔥

Everyday, security guards spend a huge amount of time ensuring visitors are registered properly. Pre-registering your visitors not only saves them time, but it’s also a net positive for all visitors too.

Think about it: 3 minutes saved for 1 visitor is 3 minutes saved for others! What if everyone pre-registers their visitors? 🤩
Do not Hog Facilities

If you live in a condo, chances are you have booked a facility through JaGaApp.

The feature was a game changer for many when it first came out! Residents no longer needed to show up at the management office to make a booking. Booking from your bed was finally possible!

That however has led to front-running behaviours. 😔 We were told of stories where residents repeatedly booked badminton courts as soon as they are available, only to end with a no-show, or a last-minute cancellation.

That is not okay, folks!

Good communal ethics goes a long way. Everyone pays the same maintenance fees, so it is only fair for them to enjoy their share of the facilities too. Stop hogging and start sharing!

Tip: JaGaApp is designed with advanced features to set a limit on bookings per unit. If you’re from the management/committee, write in to us if you’d like to find out how! 

Pay Maintenance Fees On-Time

Living in a community typically means you pay fees on a regular basis. Be it maintenance fees or security fees, the amount may differ for everyone too.

We hear all kinds of stories about residents who refuse to pay though. So… we’re going to state the obvious here with a public service announcement:

No matter if you live in an RA or stratified property, community facilities can only be well-maintained if all residents pays your fees on-time!

Many underestimate the amount of money it takes for the upkeep of the property. From security, landscaping and even cleaning, there are actual people working to maintain the building, and thus wages to be paid! 

That aside, all properties have defaulters, no matter how little or many.

Not paying fees is irresponsible to the neighbours and the management team. While it is the management/committee’s responsibility to help collect fees, it is ultimately your job to pay on-time! 💪🏼

Stay Informed (about your community)

“Fine, I’ll pay my dues, but how do I know that the money is well spent?”

Well, keeping yourself informed on the decisions made by your JMB/RA is one way! 

Most JMBs and RAs that work with us publish meeting minutes and important announcements on community channels. Most discussions also take place in public forums, like AGMs, Facebook Groups, Telegram channels and more.

If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a checklist for you to stay involved and aware on the things happening:

✅ Read all Community Notices (especially on JaGaApp!)
✅ Be a part of your community group chats/social media channels
✅ Attend your community AGM

AGMs are important, as thats where voting for major proposals are done! Beyond that, you also get to be the check-and-balance for your JMB and ensure that all decisions made are held accountable.

Greet your guards!

This was mentioned in the last newsletter, but it’s important that we feel like it should be mentioned again! 😤

Security guards in Malaysia work really long hours. In some cases, they are subjected to impolite remarks and behaviours from the visitors and residents they deal with.

And yet, they push through their work everyday, safeguarding the community from potential crime. 🥺

Simple things like a “Hello” leads a more positive workplace for security guards. And that translates to them doing a better job too!

The least we could do is to always greet them when we see them in the neighbourhood, won’t you agree?

Ending Note

We hope we got you to understand that it’s the small things, when done collectively, that make a big difference in the community. That’s how revolutions happen after all!

Change in your community starts with you, and there’s no better place to start the change from your home. Let’s do our best in empowering our communities to be better citizens of the world, by becoming better neighbours to live with first.

See you next time!

And before you go, write in to us below and tell us about other positive actions we can do for the community!

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