You Can Count On Me 💪🏻

Hi Everyone! RajiBoy here from the Partnership team. I’m the guy that brings in new and exciting partners to JaGaApp and to your neighbourhood. This week, the baton was passed to me by the team to keep you guys in the know.

In this edition I will be sharing on the topic “You Can Count on Me”, well not me specifically but on the things/people that you can rely on. As humans we are accustomed to rely on things and people in our daily life whether you realise it or not. This could be our family, friends/colleagues, religion or even your smartphone to remind you to drink water (yea there is an app for that).

I decided to write on this topic as I was reminded to be grateful for the things and people that I can rely on during this tough period to keep myself sane. Don’t worry I won’t risk my job and talking about my family or my religion here. Do read until the end as I will be sharing on how you can play a part to be someone that people can be counted on. Let us jump right into it. 


The Broccoli Index 🥦

Recently, one of my team members was tasked to find for new grocery partners to help our users explore for new places to buy groceries online. We all know the usual places to buy online, but due to the massive demand, the delivery just takes too long. The usual place I buy groceries (I’m not going to mention their name hehe) takes more than a week to deliver to my location. Looking for a new online grocer to shop is a pain with so many choices, prices and a variety of products.

To compare these online grocers in terms of cost, my colleague came up with a simple yet effective way to rate these online grocers. It’s called The Broccoli Index 🥦. The Broccoli Index is basically the price of one broccoli at an online grocer. We realised that Broccoli index is an efficient way to rate the general pricing at an online grocers which sell an array of products. Once my colleague shared her findings, all my colleagues started relying on this to buy their groceries as we are all living frugally during this period. I want to share that list with you too.

You can count on this Broccoli index to help choose your next online grocer. We will be listing some of these partners in our app soon (with promo codes of course) or you can head on over to their website to check them out.

Additional Income For Neighbourhoods

During these challenging times, a lot of our neighbourhoods are having trouble with their fees collections and expenses. And the worst part is, majority of the new defaulters are the ones affected by the covid layoffs and pay cuts.

Recently, we had a neighbourhood that reached out to our Operations team to ask if there is a way, they could make additional income for their neighbourhoods through JaGaApp. My colleague then connected that committee to my team as we do run a few exclusive initiatives for our neighbourhoods to make additional income by utilising unutilised space in the neighbourhood. These are some of the ways that we proposed for the neighbourhood to make additional income:

SOCAR – rent out your car park

Vita BoostVechnologySmart Retail – rent out space for vending machine

MyWash – rent out vending space at car wash bay

SOSMart – rent our commercial space for minimarket

JaGaAds – rent our elevator frame and barrier gates for advertisers

And the neighbourhood could make up to an additional RM1000 a month from these initiatives. That’s when I realised that my team and JaGaApp team can be counted on by the neighbourhoods to help them as well. So if you think your neighbourhood can use some extra income, do reach out to us!


Another solution we gave them was to manage their finances and collections better. That can be done by counting on and with JaGaCount (please forgive the pun 😉) and JaGaPay. Most of you may not have heard of these terms before but these are our new products that we launched late last year.

JaGaCount is a property management accounting software that is fully integrated with JaGaApp. With this the residents can view their bills and pay them with JaGaPay almost instantly from anywhere with just a few clicks. This also reduces the time and effort taken for the management team to send bills to residents which could be better used on other tasks.

With JaGaCount reports, the committees’ will have better transparency and understanding of their collection and expenses, allowing them to make a more well-informed and cost-efficient decision during their committee meetings.

With JaGaPay residents can pay their maintenance fees with credit cards to help them ease their cash flow. I am not encouraging people to spend on their credit cards, but these products were made to help ease cash flow for people especially during these tough times as such. As majority of management are still only accepting cheques and bank transfers which causes cash flow stress to residents and we want to help change that. 

If you want to start counting on JaGaCount and JaGaPay at your neighbourhood, just drop us an email and we can arrange a no obligations demonstration for your management. 

Be Someone That Can Be Counted On

We all know how difficult times are now with covid-19 and multiple MCO, FMCO or the Phase 1 has affected us Malaysians. It’s times like this, we wish we had someone that we can count on to help us go through these tough times where a lot of Malaysians are even struggling to feed not only their hunger but their family’s as well. I for one, am genuinely happy that Malaysians have stepped up with the #kitajagakita and #rakyatjagarakyat initiatives.

As a part of our JaGaCare initiative we have partnered with a few charity organisations to help spread awareness and gather more help from our users and readers to help other Malaysians in need. If you can spare a few ringgit (every ringgit counts), you can do your part as well by donating to some of the charities below:

Great Heart Charity Association is a tax-exempted charity organization that helps people who face difficulties in life (underprivileged families, dialysis patients, children from orphanages, residents from old folks’ homes and persons with disabilities)

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia is an NGO aims to create “zero hunger” communities throughout Malaysia by using donor funds to acquire basic necessities for B40 families. It helps to reduce food waste from manufacturers, wholesalers, hypermarkets, and households.

Mercy Malaysia is an international NGO focusing on providing medical relief, sustainable health-related development in the Health Ministry, and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities.

I would like to highlight that all donations are to be done directly to the charity organisations and we do not accept any funds or donations on behalf. We are just playing our role to help spread awareness for these organisations who are doing their best to help Malaysians out.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to JaGaApp to donate and join the movement! #KitaJaGaKita

Ending Note

Due to this Covid-19 situation going on, social interactions has been limited to a bare minimum. After more than a year of working from home, we realised how much we miss working in the office compared to the social isolation that we are having now. 

Because of that, we at JaGaApp decided to try out a virtual office software to keeps things more engaging and interactive. You can find a snipped of one of our meetings below.

With that I’d like to end the newsletter by reminding you of the Malay proverb (peribahasa) that we all learned during our schooling days – “Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh”.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more.

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