We Are Migrating!

We are in the process of migrating our users, moderators, and systems from JaGaApp to JaGaApp 2.0. We’ll explain why in the upcoming section. 

Currently, there are 2 versions of JaGaApp in the app stores and it is important to understand that they are both developed by us. JaGaApp is the first version and it will be retired in the near future, and replaced with JaGaApp 2.0.

JaGaApp and JaGaApp 2.0

Why Is Migration Happening?

JaGaApp was written in 2015, and as we made more improvements over the years, coupled with many more new features, our old server and database solutions could not cope with our growth. As such, we will need to migrate our existing users (in stages) to our new server and database for better performances for you.

We have looked into different ways to make things hassle-free for our users. Unfortunately, the best option we have is for users to download JaGaApp 2.0 and sign up for a new account. The user experience on JaGaApp 2.0 is fantastic and we hope you can give it a try once your neighbourhood is ready for migration.

Check out this video for more information:

How Will You Be Affected As An Existing JaGaApp User

Please note that migration is being implemented in stages for all our clients’ properties. You will be informed by your Management when your property is ready for migration.

Don’t worry, the impact to you is minimal and it is going to be super easy for you to switch from JaGaApp to JaGaApp 2.0! Here’s how:

Step 1:

Download the new app: JaGaApp 2.0 from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery. You can also scan the following QR code with your phone to download the app:

Step 2:

Get started on JaGaApp 2.0 by using the same mobile number you have used for the previous app. In case you can’t remember, you can also find the details under the Profile tab in the previous app.

Once successful, your account will be automatically linked to your unit! Most data such as intercom contacts, unresolved feedback, valid visitor registrations, and published notices will also be synchronized automatically. 

💡 Please note that your booking sessions & details for common facilities will not be synced. You will need to recreate the bookings using JaGaApp 2.0 after migration has been completed.

Shall you need further clarification on these matters, please check with your Management directly on the specific procedures to follow during the transition period.

Change Is For The Better

It may sound daunting, but fret not! JaGaApp 2.0’s app interface is similar to the previous app, with streamlined improvements to our user experience. We promise nothing on JaGaApp 2.0 will seem too foreign to you. 

More importantly, we wanted to do our part to address the ever-growing reliance on QR Code technology and contactless registration. Hence, we have launched JaGaID, a new feature that allows anyone to download JaGaApp 2.0 and have a verified JaGaID with their driving license. 

💡 Please note that though it is highly recommended, JaGaID verification is not a mandatory requirement for you to use JaGaApp 2.0. You may still use the app normally without JaGaID.

Nonetheless, there are additional benefits that come along with JaGaID. Anyone with a verified JaGaID, when pre-registered as a visitor by the residents, can enjoy a blazingly fast visitor registration process at the guardhouse! This means you could also enjoy the same speedy registration process when visiting your friends at their JaGaApp-enabled neighbourhood. You can watch the video below to find out more:

Overall, JaGaApp 2.0 is written on a more advanced platform that allows for greater customization and more powerful features. Building JaGaApp 2.0 on a new platform and server also allowed room for a lot more features for the security guards, management, and ultimately residents like you. 

So, stick around for more interesting and exciting features that are coming your way! The app’s interface is also constantly being updated and upgraded for the best user experience.

If you wish to know more about the migration, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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