Our tagline is Graaab… the better life, where we believe the better life for a community or neighbourhood can be attained if the following 3 pillars can be achieved:

  • Better Security
  • Better Communication
  • More Convenient Lifestyle


Thus the 3 A’s in Graaab JaGaApp. We are your private community platform where we offer total solution for any community, with key features as displayed in diagram below:

On top of the 3 pillars of belief, we also constantly work with 3 parties involved in your neighbourhood, such as yourself as the Resident, the Security Guards and the Management Office/Moderator as we call it.

Graaab JaGaApp platform is wireless and easy to implement (no hacking needed!), ensuring easy maintenance and overall enhancement in community living. Not to mention it is very cost effective where now managing your home can be on the go!

Get in touch with us today at hello@graaab.com for a no obligation demo!


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