The Unsung Heroes of Neighbourhoods ūü¶łūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

Today’s JaGaCorner¬†is all about¬†showing¬†appreciation to¬†security guards¬†that¬†keep your neighbourhood safe.¬†

Security guards play an important role in all¬†neighbourhoods. Some¬†of the most visible roles¬†are to¬†control¬†visitors’ admittance¬†and¬†conduct security¬†patrols¬†regularly. However, like many¬†others who work in the service industry, they receive¬†very little credit or recognition for their contributions.

In fact, most people¬†don’t even¬†know their guards despite¬†meeting and greeting them almost every day. We’ve decided to make it a conscious decision a little while ago to¬†talk to the guards¬†and learn more about them¬†when¬†we conduct guard training for them.¬†

Read on to find out some interesting stories¬†we’ve learned about them, and why we think¬†they are¬†genuinely amazing!


An Inspiring Learner
Noor and Jia Han (JaGaCrew)
Noor and Jia Han (JaGaCrew)

Meet Noor, a night-shift security guard. Big fan of old Taiwan dramas and Chinese songs, and a great hustler working on getting a degree in Islamic Studies.

Noor goes to classes after his night shift ends at 8.00am and pays for his own tuition fees. He took up a security guard job as it is one of the few jobs that allow him to work at odd hours, which in turn accommodates his study schedule. Despite all the things on his plate, he still enjoys life as is and jammed to Chinese songs with our JaGaCrew while we were there.

We were genuinely inspired by Noor, his grit,¬†work ethic, and¬†burning desire to realise his dreams.¬†We wish him good luck in all his future endeavors! ūüí™ūüŹĽ

Persevering Over Life’s Challenges
Chris (JaGaCrew) and Nathan

Chris (JaGaCrew) and Nathan

Nathan¬†is a proud father of 7 children. He is the sole breadwinner of the family, supporting not just his family of 9, but also his elderly mother. While it is a¬†challenge to raise such a big family,¬†Nathan¬†took care of each of them well –¬†even after he lost his right arm to an unfortunate accident around 20 years ago.

Nathan is an inspiration to us all. Despite his disability, he has persevered and currently¬†living his life to the fullest. He is now the head of security in one of JaGaApp’s sites.¬†

We hope that life¬†brings¬†more blessings and opportunities to¬†Nathan¬†in his upcoming path¬†ūüôŹūüŹĽ


Share Your Neighbourhood Story

We used to do this often with our site visits and rollout but due to the pandemic, the effort had to stop temporarily. We look forward to kickstart this exercise again, so in the meantime, let us hear some of your neighbourhood stories!

Tell us stories about your neighbourhood or other stories you know as we love to hear them, especially from our resident users. Write a post, snap photos, or create short clips on social media and tag us @jagaapp and hashtag #myneighbourhoodstory.

We might feature them on our social media to inspire more people¬†ūü•į

Ending Note

We hope this inspires¬†more people to appreciate their¬†guards such as treating them decently or thanking them sincerely whenever they’ve done a good job.

After all, a neighbourhood’s loveliness is cultivated by the people that live within it.

See you again!


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