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Heya, it’s David again, Co-founder of JaGaApp. Hope you enjoyed our previous newsletter sharing on the interesting story of our G logo that has never been told.

For our first time readers of JaGaCorner, if you are wondering why you are reading this is because we want to stay connected with YOU! And also for everyone to stay connected with each other in the JaGaApp neighbourhoods. We hope through JaGaCorner, you may find relevant and share-worthy content and along the way you’ll get to know us better as this little corner grows. In this week’s corner, I will be sharing with you another unspoken secret of how and why we named ourselves JaGaApp.

But before we dive in to the topic of the day, let me introduce to you our other equally hot ❤️🔥, attractive and smart JaGa products that you might or might not have heard of but little did you know, you are probably using it already! 😆

While it’s often the case that one sibling from a family is the breakout star, in our case, JaGaApp is the oldest and also the best-known product of the 6 total products that we have in the JaGa system also known as the JaGaSolution.

Let’s meet our JaGaSolution family and get to know them a little more.

jagasolution gif

JaGaApp (The Doraemon)
Community App
The star of the family (yay)! Has all the things you need from visitor registration, emergency alert, facility booking, intercom and so much more!

JaGaRonda (The Tracker 😎)
Guard Tracking & Patrolling
Tracks your security guards whereabouts with customisable routes. Nothing can skip out of his eagle eyes.

JaGaCard (The Hardware Guy 🤓💻)
Access Control & IoT
Controls all the hardwares like barrier gates, lifts, access doors and other IoT integrations a.k.a. the IT geek in our family.

JaGaCount (The Money Man 🤑)
In-App Payment & Cloud-based Accounting
Allows residents to pay for maintenance fees, sinking funds etc and view your statements in-app! For JMB/MCs, you can track money in and out from your community account, whenever & wherever you are!

HeyJaGa (The “Siri’ of Service Booking)
Services Booking Platform
Search, browse and book any services to your doorstep at your convenience.

JaGaWorks (The Get Things Done Lady 🙋‍♀️)
Workflow Management (Coming Soon!)
Specially customised workflow management for Property Management companies.


  • We have 4 JaGaApp Neighbourhoods who won the award of EdgeProp.my’s Best Managed & Sustainable Property Awards 2021! Congratulations to all the winners, you all made us proud!
  • In just 1 day we have over 100 readers who voted for our JaGaCorner Logo in the previous newsletter! Wow, we never knew you all are such a coffee addict like us 😂. For those who missed it, we are still running the voting session until the 30 April 2021 and Logo #3 is leading 😲! Vote for your favourite logo now and redeem a 20% ZUS Coffee ☕ Voucher from us!


Why JaGaApp? 🤔

In our previous newsletter, we talked about the brief history of our G logo. We came out with the G logo back in 2015 and we launched our initial product as Graaab. We want to empower everyone to be able to Graaab the better life. Whether it’s for a better security, better communication, or the convenience of buying / grabbing everything you need from the comfort of your house.

A couple of months after our product launch, I received a text message from a close friend. “Did you know MyTeksi just rebranded as Grab? That’s so close to your brand name!”

I went online and checked, and it was indeed true 😧. Oh well, i thought for a small startup like us and with our corporate brand Graaab registered, we can still operate as it is and it would be a waste of resources if we jump straight into the whole rebranding exercise. So we operated under the brand name Graaab for a short period of time (for those that have been with us since 2015/2016, you will remember this 😘) and we were growing ok back then.

Fast forward months later, we got invited to BFM for an interview as we were undergoing our listing exercise for the LEAP Market by Bursa Malaysia. We realised that hey, we have a problem. Radio listeners will not be able to distinguish the 2 brands with ease! So we brainstormed over a period of time, and sadly we couldn’t come to an agreement.

Subsequently, I reached out to my very creative friend, Sathi Anand for his advice. I remembered him saying this:

Your brand is all about taking care of the community. As a proud Malaysian startup, your name should represent our local community. You work on product that helps neighbourhood to be better, to be safer; to be more convenient and help enhancing communication, your product essentially empower everyone to protect and take care of their homes. You work with the security guards closely as well, so, why don’t you call yourself JaGaApp?

We absolutely love it! We went along with the name and never look back since. JaGaApp is now used by over 450 neighbourhoods and this is just the beginning. And that’s the end of the short story about JaGaApp and yes, I still owe my friend a cup of coffee ☕️ for his great advice 😎


Show us your ❤️

kbcg review heyjaga

“As a mother, I realised that I CANNOT do everything on my own. This is why I’ve resorted to automating or outsourcing it to simplify my life and to increase the time I spend with your family. For chores like curtain and mattress cleaning, deep cleaning the house, air con servicing, I relied on @heyjaga_official website.”
– Reviewed by Kampungboycitygirl

“I was very satisfied with the service given and amazed at how professional they are. Overall the cleaning service was great and it was done professionally. Alvin from mclean even offered some advices/tips on how to take care of the mattress. Thumbs up!”
– Reviewed by Wai Hong

Head on to HeyJaGa.com to book for services to your doorstep! Use code NEWUSER5 for get 5% Off your first booking! Book now and spread the love ❤️


We will be extremely grateful if you could refer to your family and friends about this newsletter! Of course, we will reward you with our exclusive no-money-can-buy JaGa merch like mask keepers, canvas bags and more! Yes, you read that right! Hit the share button now and help us grow 🥰


shopee raya banner jagaapp

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And lastly, before you go, let us know which part of the newsletter you enjoyed the most. We would love to hear more from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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