We're introducing a new series!

In this JaGaCorner, we are taking the opportunity to introduce a new segment for you readers: Catchup Corner! ūüéô

Catchup Corner aims to delve a little deeper into the lives of the people who looks after the security and wellbeing of our beloved neighbourhoods. In each part of the series, we will be speaking to one person who works for the property and ask him/her about their work in the building.

The person could either be from¬†the¬†building management,¬†security guards, or even the committee members and property developers. Fun! ūüéČ

Recently, we got in touch with Rina, the building manager of one of our clients in Damansara Damai, Park Avenue.

As a mother of 7, we were impressed at how she manages¬†her work as a building manager whilst¬†looking¬†after her family. ūü§Į

We think she’s¬†one of the most bubbly building managers we’ve spoke to yet. Here’s what she’s got to say!

Disclaimer: The interview was conducted over text in Bahasa Malaysia. Answers has been translated and lightly paraphrased for clarity and readability.


Catching Up with Rina from Park Avenue

Describe a typical work day in your property.

My typical work day involves preparing and making sure all routines/work schedules for the different workers in the management are running smoothly. This applies for the staff in management, maintenance, security and also cleaning. A lot of schedules to review, but you’d get used to it after a while, haha.
On the daily as well, I make it a point to resolve all complaints and requests lodged from the residents as soon as possible.

Tell us about a specific event/highlight in your career in the last six months.

Hmm, I don’t think there were events worth mentioning. If anything, I think I would say there were a lot of closed meetings that happened over the last six months. Recent ones being our meet up with PDRM and our seminar with the property developer mainly to cover a few areas regarding the building.

Over the months, we’ve also managed to smoothly conduct our committee meetings despite the Omicron outbreaks. Committee Meetings are usually what I deem as important events as its typically used as a forum to highlight and solve (pun not intended) all the issues reported by the residents. 

Tell us about one of your biggest challenges faced in your property management career in the last one year.

Dealing with COVID is definitely on the list! 

Pre-COVID, we were able to run in-person events like¬†AGMs¬†and¬†festive celebrations¬†for residents to gather once in a while and interact with one another. With COVID and the SOPs we have to adhere to in order to curb the spread, large meetings were impossible, and as such we have not held such events for more than a year. ūüėĘ

As a result however, we interact with the residents through JaGaApp a lot more frequently now!

Things like updates on COVID cases, facility updates (lift breakdowns, meter installations) etc. are all shared on our JaGaApp Notices to keep everyone informed. 

How did JaGaApp help you manage your work in Park Avenue?

Despite not having a lot of visitor traffic, JaGaApp has definitely helped my management a lot in the handling of our visitor records! We used to just make do with physical logbooks before this, so having a platform to easily search for a specific visitor definitely saves us time.

In addition to the VMS system, JaGaApp has also been an effective channel for¬†complaints¬†and also¬†emergencies. This gives us a lot of confidence and ease in our work, which often requires managing the expectations of many residents. ūüėé

Name us your favourite food/restaurant near Park Avenue.

Unfortunately, there isn‚Äôt a lot of options near my property, so I typically would head to the fast food restaurants nearby, like McDonald‚Äôs and KFC‚Ķ Haha. ūüėÖ


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Ending Note

And that’s a wrap! Words can’t express how grateful we are towards Rina for taking the time to speak with us despite her busy schedule.

If you’re a resident of Park Avenue, we hope that you managed to see a different side of Rina today, and to the rest of you, we wish that our little Q&A gave you a little glimpse on how property managers typically go about their day.

See you in the next issue!

P/S: We’ve once covered a similar segment like this in a previous JaGaCorner, but now that we’re making Catchup Corner permanent, Let us know your thoughts!¬†Any feedback on this edition is highly appreciated.

Some questions that we’re pondering that we¬†hope¬†your opinion¬†might help answer:

  1. Would you like more of this type of content? (Q&A, day-in-the-life format)
  2. Is the newsletter too lengthy for your liking?
  3. Who else in the neighbourhood would you like us to reach out to and learn about? (i.e. cleaners, maintenance crew, etc.)

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