Our Take On Traveling (MSIA Endemic Edition)

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After roughly 2 years of restriction, we are finally allowed to travel not just domestically, but overseas as well with the reopening of borders and relaxation on various health SOPs. 

Many of us JaGaCrew including people we know around us were very excited by the announcement. However, we have found a common issue during the various travel discussion plans with different groups of people:

“How To Renew My Passport?!” ūüėß

If you’re somewhat like us, then stay on and make sure you read this entire JaGaCorner – because we will be sharing with you a handy guide on how to renew your passport online, and a few places for planning your trip!Gentle reminder: Only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed for¬†domestic and international travel.

Disclaimer: Our research was partly sourced from various reputable online sources, as such they may change from time to time. All information is correct and up-to-date at the time of this newsletter publication.


Skip The Queue & Renew Your Passport Online

Anyone that had experience renewing a passport over the counter would never forget how long it took to have it done. We discovered that you can actually renew your passport online and skip much hassle and¬†save a lot¬†of time¬†by doing so! The whole process is actually quite straightforward, but you do need to pay attention to certain steps so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes.

Step 1:
First, click here to visit the official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Step 2:
Carefully go through the terms and conditions and click on Setuju (Agree) to proceed. Continue by filling up your personal details such as Age, Passport No., Passport Collection Location and etc.


Source: The Immigration Department of Malaysia

Step 3:
Upload a picture of yourself according to the specifications required. You are also required to ensure that your existing passport is in good condition.

Passport Picture requirements:
  • Dimension: 35mm x 50mm
  • Background: White
  • Attire: Dark color covering shoulder and chest
  • Do not wear glasses or any head accessories, and ensure that hair do not cover your face
Tip: You can try some free apps or websites that can help you to adjust your pictures according to the requirements. 

Step 4:
Proceed to make payment online and remember to print out your payment receipt! The last step will be to collect your passport from the office you've previously filled in.

Final Step:
After at least 1 working day, you may head over to the office (that you've selected for passport collection in Step 2) to collect your passport. Important things to note:
  • Mandatory to bring payment receipt, IC, and old passport along
  • Must collect the passport within 90 days, or your application will be automatically canceled

Pretty straightforward isn’t it? Feel free to share it with your family members and friends that would find this helpful!

Next Stop, Where To? ‚úąÔłŹ‚úąÔłŹūüĆŹ

Now that you got your passport settled, it’s time to gather your friends and plan which country to go for a memorable trip! To help with your planning, here is a list of countries in Southeast Asia that do not require¬†quarantine upon arrival:

Other countries such as Australia, Canada, France, and many others have also opened their borders for travelers including Malaysians, without requiring quarantine upon arrival.

Things to note:

  • Swab tests are still required by some of these countries
  • Each country has different regulations and SOPs for foreign travelers – be sure to check out the details from the officials before embarking on your journey.

Alternatively, we found this useful dashboard from Kayak breaking down travel restrictions by the country. Give it a try!

Road Trips, Local Trips ūüöô

For those that prefer to support the local economy or avoid the hassle of traveling abroad, this is the section you should save for future reference. Here are a few unique activity ideas that you can consider for your upcoming local trips – some of which are personal sharing from the JaGaCrew!


Source: Aldeen Li, retrieved from Unsplash

Glamping is also known as “Glamorous Camping”, and it is indeed a more comfortable way (compared to usual camping) of getting close to mother nature. Glamping sites are normally well-equipped with facilities such as fireplace/BBQ pit, activity areas, and bicycle rental. It is perfect for a short getaway from the hectic city life while recharging yourself from the nature.

Some Glamping Spots you can consider:


We actually wanted to curate a list of places around Malaysia, but one of our JaGaCrew has recently made a trip to Lenggong, and she couldn’t stop talking about her experience there.

Source: Duan Deris, retrieved from cariblogger

It sounded really exciting to us too! Thus, we’ve got her to curate a list of experiences she thinks would make your trip to Lenggong worthwhile.


Get Online Medical Consultation with Dr Hippo!

Have you ever had to wait for hours on end for an appointment after being stuck in traffic, leaving work in a rush? What about calling the medical clinic only to be told that the earliest available appointment is days away?

Taking care of your physical and mental health shouldn’t stop being a priority just because you can’t easily go to a doctor’s office right now.

If you have not been aware of telemedicine until now, you might be unsure if it is something you should start trying. So today, we bring you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the medical teleconsultation options from Dr Hippo! 

5 reasons why you should consider Dr Hippo online medical consultation.

  • You can¬†take care of yourself and your loved ones¬†from the comfort of your home¬†(or when¬†traveling!)
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  • It could¬†save you a good amount of money¬†too¬†(teleconsulation for minor health issue costs way lesser, and don’t forget about¬†the money you save on transportation and parking!)
  • Telemedicine can also help you¬†understand your symptoms in various everyday life situations¬†(for examples: leg muscles sore and painful after a jogging session? Or eardrum pain after scuba diving while travelling?)
  • Less exposure to new illness¬†(By staying at home, you can prevent exposure and the possibility of transmitting your disease to others)

Dr Hippo is a telehealth platform brought to you by Europ Assistance Рa world leader in assistance and care services. Now available in Malaysia, you can book a teleconsultation in 2 min and get an online medical consultation anytime anywhere with one of their trusted doctors for only RM52, directly from your JaGaApp!
From helping you understand your symptoms up to medication delivery*, Dr Hippo got you covered:

  • Easy to use: no app or software to download
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  • Safe and confidential: consult online by video, audio, or chat

*where available and allowed.
Get your professional teleconsultation now:

Check out this short intro video about Dr Hippo!

Additionally, you can also get access to Europ Assistance’s COVID-19 services easily¬†at the location of your choice, starting¬†from RM200¬†:

  • RT-PCR Test: Results within 24-48 hours
  • RT-PCR ‚Äď Fast track: Result within 14 hours
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Lab results will be sent over to your email. As a safety measure, do get tested before traveling, going to group activities, or in case of a possible infection!

*Booking hours : 8.00am Р8.00pm.

Ending Note

With the easing of SOPs and lifting of restrictions, things are almost back to normal but we should not take these for granted. Instead, we need to stay wary of the danger that the virus poses by having good hygiene practices, as we move closer to the endemic phase. 

Let’s continue to #kitajagakita. See you in the next issue!

And before you go, let us know if you enjoyed reading our newsletter.

We would love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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