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If you’re thinking “Oh no, the year’s halfway through and I felt like I’ve achieved barely anything”, you’re not alone! In fact, most of us in the JaGaCorner team were honestly feeling like we could’ve done a lot more for the year.

But maybe it’s not unusual to feel this way. After all, while we may have worked hard towards our goals, the “could’ve, should’ve” thoughts can sometime get a little too loud. That said, you should never discredit the work you’ve put in! 😤

On that note, the newsletter team actually took the time last week to reminisce the things we’ve accomplished over the last six months, and in that process, we found that all of the things we achieved were done with a common catalyst: we all bore the JaGaSpirit.

This concept was briefly touched before in a previous edition, but since we have not done a Catchup Corner in a while, we took the time to catch up with a colleague that we thought embodied the JaGaSpirit really well: Chun Man from the Creative team!

(P/S: Interview excerpt below has been lightly paraphrased for coherence and legibility)


A Creative Endeavor 🎨

What are your main responsibilities in the Creative Team?

I am in charge of developing all of the company’s marketing materials and internal communication visuals. I also am involved in minor user interface design in some of our company products.

What influenced you to join JaGaApp?

I actually did a degree in something unrelated to design, and graduated with the thought of wanting to pursue a career in the creative industry.

Like most people, I was actually just looking for jobs back when MCO was around, but on the side, I took extra hours to learn design principles and skills. 

I spotted an opening for a creative position from JaGaApp, and I saw that as a really good opportunity to further develop my skills in all sorts of electronic arts. In addition, I am also interested to learn the product lifecycle of a SaaS company like JaGaApp since its used by really different groups of users.

I think I consider myself extremely lucky to have gotten a role I wanted, despite the job market conditions in MCO. Thinking back, my manager took a bet on me given the circumstances, and I hope that my work has lived up to her expectations. 🙏🏻

One word that comes into mind when you think of JaGaSpirit, and the company.

“Family” is the word that came to mind, haha.

The name JaGaSpirit took after the way we named our products. Beyond that, I think the intention was always to cultivate us employees to embrace the meaning of “jaga”, which is to take care in Malay.

Given the size of our company, it’s easier to look after each another when there’s not a lot of us. We were never afraid of getting our hands dirty to help each other irregardless of department, and we also have our meals together all the time. 

Even outside office hours, we do spend time playing Nintendo Switch in the office or have badminton sessions. All these are reasons why it feels like an extended family to some degree, and probably why the word “family” resonated with the JaGaSpirit for me.

What is your biggest career challenge thus far, and how did you overcome it?

Definitely the creative blocks I get once in a while haha. 😂 Being a designer in the company, I am expected to be keeping up with the latest design trends to maintain my edge in my work. My work has to differentiate and be eye-catching too, so the pressure’s always been immense.

I do not have a specific way to overcome creative blocks, but it’s typically a mix of methods to get my head out of the work for a while. I take frequent breaks and walk around the office for one, and I also extend help to colleagues who are shorthanded. 🤝

Most importantly though, I make sure I have frequent dialogs with my company associate director, Ms. Ong. Not only was it beneficial in my work, but working with Ms. Ong allowed me to see how she lives up to the “superwoman” title that my colleagues have given her.

Seeing how she juggles multiple hats at work and with her family was my biggest source of inspiration, and I always leave my check-ins with her feeling like I had a good mental reset to power through my tasks. 

Describe an activity you’ve done with JaGaCrew that you remember the most.

We took a day trip to Jenjarom a while back! My colleagues and I initially just wanted to have breakfast at the dimsum restaurant operated by one of my colleague’s family in Jenjarom.

That ended up becoming a day trip around the coast too. We visited Morib and Tanjung Sepat, both of which are in close proximity from Jenjarom. Great seafood, great seaviews, but better company all in all. 🥰


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Ending Note

Many thanks to Chun Man for the really thoughtful interview! We hope it shed some light on what the JaGaSpirit is all about, and we hope you’ve learnt something to continue the hustle on ending 2022 with a high.

Until next time, take care!

And before you go, let us know if you enjoyed reading our newsletter, or if you’d like to say something to Chun Man!

We would also love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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