Igniting the #KeluargaMalaysia Spirit

Off-topic: Our Operations team recently welcomed a few new colleagues in the month of August! 🥳

What surprised us was this: one of our new friends, Farhan, travels from Serendah to our office in Petaling Jaya on a daily basis. 😱 That’s dedication right there! We may introduce them in the newsletter next time, but hearing from him reminded me of how gritty Malaysians can be to really get things done.

In line with 2022’s National Day theme (Keluarga Malaysia, Teguh Bersama), we also thought it would be apt to showcase a few of the local brands and businesses we have supported (and still do!) that also carries the same gritty Malaysian spirit we saw in Farhan.

Let’s hear what the founders’ got to say about their own businesses, and their visions for Malaysia!


3 Malaysian Businesses We Support

Hiredly – Derek Toh

Q. What does Hiredly do?
A. Hiredly specializes in Gen Y and Z talent, and help them get hired in the right jobs at the right companies. We have an Online-to-Offline concept, where we integrate both our job portal and headhunting service to create a superior experience for our users.

Q. What inspired you to start this business?
A. Many people were working in the wrong companies, and in turn, didn’t have great careers because the job platforms were built with technology from the 1990s and had low transparency and poor matching.

At the same time, not only did the new generation cared about the job they had, they also cared about the company they worked in.

Nobody was trying to solve this problem at the time, so I decided I would do it.

Q. 1 message you have for Malaysians?
A. I came home to Malaysia from the UK because I felt there were many growth and economic opportunities back home. This was true as long as one was willing to work hard, invest their time in self-improvement and focus on the right activities. 

I still believe this is true, despite the challenges we may face as a country. 

Q. Your ideal Malaysia in less than 7 words?
A. Unity in diversity.

Kantin Lab – Vincent

Q. What does Kantin Lab do?
A. Kantin Lab is a snack producer that specializes in potato chips with localized flavors such as salted egg, Nasi Lemak & many more!

You might have seen us in your local convenience stores, such as myNEWS, FamilyMart etc. 

Q. What inspired you to start this business?
A. Malaysia’s a country with rich flavors, and it is typically hard for one to get good Malaysian food in other countries. 

The main goal was to export the goodness of Malaysia flavors out to the rest of the world. In the process though, we do want to be more well known than our neighbors in the food department, haha!

Q. 1 message you have for Malaysians?
A. Be proud for being a Malaysian! Happy Merdeka!

Q. Your ideal Malaysia in less than 7 words?
A. Awesome food, great people, more love!

OVER Malaysia

Q. What does Over do?
A. People may know us for our oversized bottles, haha.

Many may not know this, but our goal is simple: we want to become the Number 1 Sports Brand in South East Asia, so that means all sort of different products in the future! built for athletes and people alike. 

Q. What inspired you to start this business?
A. We realise that Malaysia has a lot of talented athletes, but they find it difficult to get sponsored or even make a living with their current income.

Sadly, this resulted in many athletes giving up their dreams and end up in a career path that they are not really passionate about.

We hope that we can be the change we want to see in Malaysia, and allow local athletes to dare to dream big and achieve success in both the local and international scenes by providing them with sufficient financial resources and facilities.

Q. 1 message you have for Malaysians?
A. Our local businesses & local athletes do have a great potential to grow on the international stage. All we need is just our locals & community to support each other and grow together. So please do support them if you can! 

Q. Your ideal Malaysia in less than 7 words?
A. Malaysians can achieve greatness too.


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Ending Note

To end things on a Merdeka-appropriate note, we’ll take the opportunity here to wish all of you a Happy National Day, and sincerely hope that our write-up here reminded you of the reasons to be proud of our country. Until next time!

P/S: If you’re feeling chatty, why not tell us what makes you proud of Malaysia?

We would love to hear from YOU and what you want to read and us to talk about in our next JaGaCorner post!

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