How well do you know your security guards?

With 7 more weeks till 2023, we’re laser focused on our year-end reviews and budgeting for the next year.

The editorial team’s no different! In fact, we just reviewed our published newsletters for the year and realised this:

We have not done a Catchup Corner with security guards before.

Security guards are an essential component in your neighbourhood.

You could even say that they are JaGaApp’s power users, since they use our platform everyday to register visitors and intercom residents.

This Catchup Corner features a Malaysian security guard supervisor that goes by the name Joshua. He works for a client of ours that registers almost 30,000 visitors a month. That’s a lot!

In lieu of privacy, we will not be disclosing the neighbourhood he’s working in.

Disclaimer: The interview excerpt below was conducted in English, and has been transcribed from an audio recording. Transcription was edited for grammar and clarity.


Catching Up with a Security Guard Supervisor

How long have you been a security guard in Malaysia?

I’ve been working in this particular site for the past 2 years. As a whole, I’ve been working at a few places as a security guard for about 10 years now. 

If you have 1 word to sum up your experience as a security guard, what would it be, and why?

I guess the word would be “tough”.

People may not understand, but it is quite the tough job to maintain the security and responsibilities as a security guard in general.

My team register thousands of visitors everyday, and some visitors like food delivery riders typically aren’t the most cooperative bunch of visitors coming into the house. 

We are expected by the residents and management to document every single visitor’s entry, and it’s just challenging to get the riders to follow the SOP and wait in line, since they are always in a rush to deliver food fast.

How does JaGaApp help you with your work? Any difficulties faced using the system?

Yes of course it helps! JaGaApp makes the visitor registration process fast and smooth, especially with Visitor QR Codes.

Our guard house also integrates with the access control system, so the visitor check out process is automated too.

I think our only problem lies with the fact that some of the residents don’t know how to generate visitor QR Codes, and that drags the process of registering visitors fast on our system.

P/S: If you’re new to our Visitor Management feature, watch this video!)

I see. Do you try to educate the residents on JaGaApp then?

Well for one, we the guards do not know how to operate the resident app, haha. The guards are given a separate app on a tablet, and we have different features to use.

It is also why whenever a resident asks us about the app, we would typically refer them to the management office. 

We do our best to tell visitors to ask their residents for the pre-registration QR Codes, but there’s just too much happening at the guard house that stops us from doing this consistently.

Tell us some of the nice things residents done for you and your colleagues.

Oh plenty! More often than not, they regularly send us food.

Sometimes, we do have residents that prepared extra food for us whenever they cook for their family. Some even buy food on Foodpanda/Grab and get the riders to send us the food directly.

On festive seasons, like Chinese New Year, some even give us Ang Pau, which we really appreciate.

Honestly, even having residents greet us whenever they drive by the guard house will also mean a lot to us. It’s the small gestures like these that makes us feel appreciated for our work. 🥰

Tell us about an event that happened in your neighbourhood that was memorable.

There was a break in that happened some time last year.

I think it was around 4 am, where one of our guards were doing their patrols and saw 2 men creeping into the back of a house with 2 parang knives.

It took some effort and a few more guards, but we managed to chase them away and make a police report after the guard caught on to it. No casualties were reported!


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Ending Note

The JaGaCrew are accustomed to befriending guards wherever we go, to an extent where we joke about how we spend more time with the security guards than our friends and family. 🤣

Anyway, we sincerely hope that this edition gave you some insights on what do the guards think about in their work.

And remember, always greet your guards whenever you drive in and out of the guardhouse!

And before you go, write in to us below and tell us what you would like us to talk about in the next edition!

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