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Hi, it’s the save-that-money guy, Jia Han here again 🤑

A lot of you seemed to like our last segment on Personal Finance! 🤩 We are humbled by most of your comments, and we genuinely thank you for the support 🙏🏻

“It was interesting, relevant, informative, personal, inspiring and extremely well-written..”
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Here comes our money talk! 💰💰💰

As an extension of our previous newsletter, and to also keep things relevant with the current MCO situation, we will be talking about:

  • MCO spending patterns that we’ve come to realize
  • Real estate investing
  • Optimizing my expenses

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(Long story cut short, all views, posts and opinions shared here are my own :p)

How MCO Changed My Spendings

Not sure about the rest of you, but working from home fundamentally changes my budget quite a fair bit.

Here’s how my budget differed from pre-MCO to MCO times.

Reality Check:

  • A lot more has been allocated into my savings/investments 📈
  • Saved on eating out expenses 🍔
  • Not shown on the chart, but I have also been shopping online a little more.. 🛍️
  • I saved a ton on transport! 🚙

Not surprisingly, my colleagues did notice similar changes on their finances too. These shifts got me thinking of other ways to optimize my spending and investments differently for MCO too.

Would there be better ways to save on my current spending habits? Would there be a better investment vehicle now that I’m saving a lot more? 🤔💭

Investing in Real Estate

Since I have an extra 10-12% stashed up on my savings, investing in a property is slowly become a realistic option to me within the next 1-2 years.

I primarily follow Sean Tan on Youtube, who not only does super in-depth property reviews, but also does podcasts and interviews on topics surrounding the property industry in Malaysia. His content is always digestible and easy to follow 😄. Watching his property reviews are as good as physically viewing the property! Thanks Sean!

The Value of Property Maintenance

Recently, an interview on Sean’s channel caught my eye, particularly because they were talking about maintenance and facility management, an area that I’m blessed to be familiar with thanks to JaGaApp.

I have summarized 3 points on property maintenance from the interview for you:

  • Property development is a process that takes at most 5 to 10 years, but the maintenance of the property is never ending 🛠️
  • Facility management, when not done right, devalues the property as a whole 🤯
  • Property maintenance is a life-long process 😫, thus the value of maintenance is in perpetuity

And rightfully so! It is very important to not only have your building hit the right marks on your purchase requirements, it is also essential to make sure that it is maintained well.

Good facility management, or property maintenance, 
drives your property value up ⬆️⬆️⬆️

But sir, how do I know if the property is going to be well-maintained before purchasing it? 😵‍💫 Ah ha! Good question!

New developments have its values, but I tend to have a preference on subsales/secondary properties. To me, properties who have stood the test of time typically means that it is well managed, and I would not have to worry about it depreciating in value overtime.

I always look for properties with these few criteria:

  • Reputable property management company ⭐ with excellent track record
  • Award-winning 🏆 (Tips: I follow EdgeProp for this 😉)
  • Subscribes to JaGaSolution! 

And of course, our products (personal bias alert! 😙) have helped our clients to streamline processes and drive collection rates, making facility management easier, and the property sustainable in the long run.

Don’t just take my word for it, through Edgeprop’s Best Managed & Sustainable Property Awards 2021 (BMSPA 2021)3 JaGaApp clients have recently bagged an award for their respective categories. Wow!

Kiara Park
🥇GOLD in 10 years Strata Residential Category

Seni Mont Kiara
🥈SILVER in 10 years Strata Residential Category

🥇GOLD in Landscape Design Category

We are proud of our clients’ great achievements and the part that JaGaApp has played in contributing to their success 😎. We will always work hand-in-hand with our clients to make their communities better 💕

Optimizing My Expense

Specifically for meals, MCO really made a difference in my family’s makan routine.

Before MCO 🍕🍟

  • Meals on our own on weekdays (since everyone’s out working)
  • Dinner at home on weekends

During MCO 🍳🧑‍🍳

  • Breakfast together
  • Lunch together 
  • Dinner TOGE– you get the point..

You can use “JOMJAGA on HappyFresh and just spend RM120 and above to get free delivery on your grocery purchases!
*Valid till 31st August 2021


MCO just made me spent a lot more money on online shopping than never before and always found myself binge scrolling shopping apps! 👀📱

This month, our Partnership Team has landed a sweet deal for us JaGaApp users with OXWHITE and ZALORA‘s exclusive promos. How timely for Father’s Day too! Yay!

RM25 Off with min spend RM125
*Valid till 30th June 2021

What I bought: A couple of Oxford shirts from OXWHITE

Existing Users:
22% Off + 4% Cashback min spend RM180
New Users:
30% Off + 30% Cashback min spend RM180
*Valid till 30th June 2021

What I bought: This super sleek Fitbit (Saved more than RM300 on this!)


Let's hear your thoughts on Deliveries & Parcels 📦

The Top 1 most frequently asked question by our users during MCO:

❓Is there a faster way to deal with food delivery/couriers? ❓

Our answer: Pre-register your visitors with JaGaApp! Not only it helps ease congestion (a no-no 🚫 for Covid), you as the resident will also get your food/parcels faster!

That said, through the dialogues with our users, we found a bigger problem that is happening in most of the communities: Pickup points! 😱

With the rise of food and parcel deliveries 📦in MCO, many communities would have pickup points in place for the delivery guys to drop off their food/parcels, like the picture above.

Not all however have additional budget to allocate a security guard to supervise and we also have heard cases like picking up wrong parcels/stolen parcels *yikes* 🤭.

Here’s what some customers have told us:

  • “It is not ideal and pretty, but it’ll have to make do for now.”
  • “It’s not the safest, but we have no choice. Parcels are at the owners’ risk.”

We honestly want to help find a better way to manage this, but we’re struggling to find a viable solution 🤔💭.

If you think there’s a better way to solve this, or if you have a personal encounter to share, tell us more! We’ll even drop you some vouchers as thanks 😊.

Ending Note

Alright, we’ll catch up in the next newsletter! But for now, we celebrate our father figures. I hope you will be able to make good use of our goodies this time to get something that your dad would like. 

Lastly to all the hero dads out there, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day! 👨❤️


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