We Survived the 1st Half of 2021!

2021 hasn’t been any easier as we hoped it would be, and we definitely couldn’t have made it through without each and every one of you, the JaGaApp users

Time flew as we hustled to sail through the first half of 2021 which was full of challenges. For us at JaGaApp, the enforcement of MCO (since last year) had dealt a blow to our initial projection and planning. Since then, we had been working differently and extra hard to fulfill our responsibilities and expectations from different stakeholders (including you, too!) 

Thankfully, we still managed to achieve quite a number of milestones along the way. In today’s issue, let’s sit back, relax, and look back at the moments and milestones JaGaApp had achieved (many of which wouldn’t be possible without your support) in the 1st half of 2021!

Btw, this is CY here from the Strategy team of JaGaApp, who brought you the content of this JaGaCorner issue 👋🏻 I hope you will enjoy it!


Blasts from the Past 🚀

Milestone #1 – Floor Stand

We’ve launched the JaGaApp Floor Stand Casing back in March 2021 after realizing that many guardhouses weren’t built to handle visitor registrations effective and efficient enough (hence the common long queue), mostly due to space or location limitation (eg. at a junction, beside the main road, etc).

The stand extends the reachability of security guards and with the increased awareness it helps your visitors to identify the registration lane from far away. It also supports contactless registration and since it is portable, it can be fitted strategically in nearly all types of neighbourhood!

Or, watch this short video to learn more:

Do you think this will be a great addition to your neighbourhood?

Milestone #2 – JaGaCorner

In case you didn’t realize, today’s issue marks the 6th edition of JaGaCorner newsletter since its first publication on 1st April! (sorry for not coming out with April fool jokes for you back then) 

We want you to know that it was YOU and your overwhelmingly positive feedback towards JaGaCorner which gave us the continuous motivation to keep going and writing. (writing for 130k+ subscribers bi-weekly isn’t an easy task 🤣

Of course, we also hope that you have greatly benefited from our sharing of insights and tips that aren’t available from the mainstream media/internet, together with the great deals that our partners provided exclusively for users like you all this while.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions regarding JaGaCorner and its upcoming content? Let us know in this simple feedback form below:

Milestone #3 – 500 Neighbourhoods!

Another milestone that we are extremely grateful for.

Despite the turbulence caused by the pandemic, we’ve managed to grow and reach 500 neighbourhoods within June 2021. 

And we strongly believe that this wouldn’t have happened without the great existing JaGaApp users like you — spreading positive word-of-mouth and experiences to other homeowners and neighbourhoods that made this a reality.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart ❤️

Milestone #4 – Webinar Made A Comeback!

After almost a year, we’ve decided to organize webinar sessions for our users and moderators (management/committee) – this time with more content and timeslots!

There were many requests coming from our users to host webinar sessions on guides to using JaGaApp, and we truly apologize for it took us some time to organize webinars for our users.

When we opened up the registration, all seats were fully grabbed within the first 60 minutes of the invitation 😱😱😱 Due to the tremendous demand, we had also doubled the number of sessions (from 4 to 8) so that no one gets missed out!

About The Webinar:

JaGaApp for homeowners like you is designed to make your home and community safer, life easier. Hence, we want to make sure our users can utilize the app to its fullest advantage on top of its core functions (eg. visitor registration). 

In the webinars, our veteran JaGaCrews will be guiding you to explore some other functions of JaGaApp (basic tutorials will be covered too). You can expect them to share with you many interesting facts as well as the thought process behind the development of JaGaApp as a bonus!

Milestone #5 – Goodies for the Steady

We are blessed to have been collaborated (and some still in collaboration) with multiple partners to provide exclusive and interesting deals for our users like you. If you would like to explore more, don’t forget to check out the deals section in your JaGaApp or visit their website below:

Overview of JaGaApp’s Milestone Thus Far
JaGaApp Milestones

Thank you again as we couldn’t have done it without your continuous support 🙏🏻

In The Near Future

For the second half of the year, we have some pretty exciting product development and plans upcoming!

Many of you may not be aware, that JaGaApp is only one of the products within the whole property management solution that we offer, collectively known as JaGaSolution. Now you have the exclusive opportunity to know more about our other products and their upcoming development projections!

You can see a summarized timeline here:

JaGaApp upcoming roadmap

Would you like to be part of our development? We take our users’ feedback seriously so now it’s the chance to let your voice be heard:

Write to us and let us know what you think should be implemented in JaGaApp or other JaGaSolution products, or any general feedback at all!

Ending Note

As the saying goes “to rest is to prepare for a longer journey”, but let’s not forget that it is also equally important to review your past effort and achievement while resting to prepare and realign for the upcoming path.

Till then, we shall see you in our upcoming issue!


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